Everywhere you go from the TV and social media to emails, to standing in line at the grocery store, our brain is receiving messages. As a matter of fact, sources say that we see on average between 3000-20,000 messages a day. Advertisers try to attract us, our friends try to engage us, entertainers try to amuse us, and the rest of the people mostly try to tick us off!

As a speech writer and speech coach, the words that my leaders say can make the difference between losing a customer and gaining one. They can make the difference between hiring a candidate and firing one. And they make the difference in the morale of the company. Haven’t we all known leaders ( or parents!) who have said: “the beatings will continue until morale is improved?”

And not to confuse things, but we now have a choice in how we deliver those words – podcast, you tube, email, text, voice text, phone, newsletter, website, blog posts, social media posts, on an image, plain text, ###hashtag, through song, advertisements, flyers, and as we know the internet never goes away, so our words will relay, the attitudes of the day!

My number one commitment is to help my speakers create words and speeches that draw in the listener. That help them make sense of this overly populated with information driven world. Words that are simple but powerful, logical but surprising, and electrifying but tempered by reality.
So how does one make impact in a world where everyone is screaming to be noticed, and everywhere we turn we’re getting attacked by these messages. How does one coming out sounding original, and natural, yet polished and educated?

1. I train my communicators to be positive at all costs. This is not always an easy thing do to. In a world where cussing is the norm, I quickly ambush my speakers to share with them that cussing requires no thought or creativity whatsoever, and that the habit is a bad one, and to put a rubber band on their arm and snap it with intensity every time a cuss word or negative word comes out of their mouths. It’s a time intensive training tool, but it helps to elevate the thoughts of the speaker, and the listener.
When people have trained their brains to be positive, they’ll attract more positive results. Junk in? Equals Junk out. Enough said!

Note to self: get that rubber band out! 

2. Spend time actively researching. One of the topics I write about a lot because I’m training leaders is leadership. On page one of the Internet of course Winston Churchhill and Abraham Lincoln come up along with the modern and past presidents. But dig into page 32 and you’ll find Some stories of leaders of these who left permanent footprints in the history of Nigeria. Names like Uthman Danfodio, Samuel Ajayi Crowther, Jaja of Opobo, Herbert Macaulay, Nnamdi Azikiwe, Tafawa Balewa, Obafemi Awolowo, Ahmadu Bello, Murtala Mohammed. These are leaders that left genuine legacies. Some even paid the supreme price for Nigeria. They were selfless and had only the interest of the country and their people at heart.

Now tell me who in their right mind wouldn’t be fascinated by that?

You want to sound intelligent, and original, right? So dig in deep!

3. Study about the Human condition! Listen to tapes, read more books, and hit your local Library’s magazine rack and take copious notes. This will broaden your mind and engage the audience, to be well read on many topics as well as the human condition of which anyone can relate. I usually pick out WORDS that come out of the mouths of my speakers, and I research and study them. Inevitably, the best speeches always create some sort of emotional response so they’re usually stories of some sort of personal or human experience. If you find a great story, write it down. If it’s your own, copy right it!

I recently found a story that I wrote after 9/11 being circulated on a well known newsletter as “AUTHOR UNKNOWN”. I searched my computer but of course but it was so many years ago I no longer had it so I didn’t have proof. But I knew that I wrote the article because it was MY PERSONAL STORY. Yet the article had been changed and tweaked just enough so it was no longer my original story. Yet, the lesson of being always living in gratitude continues to inspire and uplift people worldwide even today. Human Condition stories will never go out of style.

4. Sit down with your own personal mentor if you can and interview him or her about their successes and failures. This is an excellent strategy for anyone who is young or wants to appear to be humble in your delivery. To share what you have learned from the mentor is a brilliant way to say that A. You can take direction and learn from someone smarter than you. And B. You learned the lesson and now you’re passing it on!

5. Be willing to share your weaknesses. This is a great way to elevate your audience. Share that you messed up, were a mess up or continue to mess up. In the process of you acknowledging your own story, you’ll gain some perspective and in some uncanny way, challenge yourself all over again. When you realize you have screwed up, you’ll be humbled. When you’ve seen how far you’ve come, you’ll be pleased. And when you realize your failure turned into a blessing you’ll know you’re able to stand on stage and teach from the heart.

Our words have power and can change the world. The Bible says that the Power of Life and Death is in the Tongue! (Proverbs 18:21) So why are we spending any of our precious time speaking negative, thinking negative or allowing anyone in our immediate world to spread negativity to us? Negativity is like toxic fumes that get into our digestive system and make us sick. They permeate through our soul and lesson our effectiveness, by us listening to the lies and then buying in.

So if you’re searching for a way to train yourself to be the influencer you believe you need to be, then consider enlisting help from the masters. I can certainly recommend that if you make a consistent effort to feed you mind with powerful, life altering concepts and methods, from leaders worldwide, your own thoughts will dramatically change.

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