Your Stage Is Waiting!

With Charisma and Communications Coach Mary Gardner


If you want to become a better presenter or leader, this may be opportunity is for you!


Did you know that one of the TOP qualities of an Inspiring Leader is that they are a great presenter?

Do you wonder if your messages or presentations to your teams/boards or company are falling flat or are they inspiring, persuasive and motivating?
Do you think that using public speaking and presenting may help your firm, your organization or company gain the notoriety it deserves?

Mary and her team will give feedback, suggestions and advice on your speech and presentation skills.


Weekly group coaching with Mary to develop your Signature Keynote Speech.
Content, Resources and Homework and video interviews from the pros.
Live interaction with other participants weekly
Video feedback on your speaking.
Mastermind and collaboration

Weeks to Creating Your Signature Keynote Speech and Getting booked!

About Mary

Mary has been coaching celebrities, CEOS, Authors and experts to WOW audiences and/or make millions of dollars as a speaker for 20 years.

Her website is:

Week 1

Understand and uncover your Personal Brand

Week 2

Introduction to Story Telling

Week 3

Authentic and Inspirational Story Telling

Week 4

Engaging your Audience, The Charisma Connection

Week 5

Write the Keynote &Presenting Your Stories Live

Week 6

Public Relations, Linked-In Strategy, Getting Booked to Speak, Contracts, Contract negotiations & fees to charge

Recent Reference:

“Mary served as a speaking coach for me when I was given the opportunity to perform a TED talk. Mary helped me develop and write my talk as well as ensuring I was able to deliver my message. She was able to teach me the art of delivering a speech like this. She was easy to work with, was able to meet on my complicated schedule and ensured I was perfectly prepared to deliver my talk. I would use Mary again without hesitation should the opportunity arise”.

Dr. Larry Volz

General Surgeon/Chief Medical Officer
Sioux City Region