Increase your personal Charisma and get noticed FAST.

What do Matt Lauer, Oprah, President Obama or Donald Trump have in common? Charisma! And tons of it!

We live in a video age. We’re judged in seconds on what we say and how we say it. We’re critiqued on our comments and image on Facebook, Linked-In, Twitter and in real life. Your like-ability factor shows up in 3 seconds. Are you ready? Your PERSONAL CHARISMA MATTERS!
Find out how you can develop the communication skills and the charisma to take you to the next level in the business world, social media outlets, or to attract a dynamic business and social life.

The tools you will gain:

  • How to develop a dynamic personality
  • Entering a room so people take notice
  • Naturally attract other charismatic people
  • Communication tools for business, personal and pleasure
  • Never fear small talk again!
  • Creating a powerful image
  • Discovering your values
  • Utilizing enthusiasm and a positive mental attitude
  • Find the zest and the energy in your life
  • Incorporate showmanship
  • Create a passionate lifestyle

High paced 2 hour workshop. Get ready to change your lives!