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Executive Coaching

Executive and Leadership Coaching

  • Do you want to be able to be an Inspiring Leader?
  • Do you want to be a better motivator and hold more powerful meetings?
  • Do you want to lead your team to greatness?

Well then, Get Charisma Coaching from Mary Gardner! Mary will teach you or your staff how to be the best they can be!

While marketing and social media are important to business development, they are just a few of the ways to attract clients. Given the internet and social media growth the last decade, human relationships are suffering. Relationships with people need to be stronger to support personal growth, satisfaction and to sustain personal integrity. The best way to compete is by earning and building loyalty, staying fresh and current. Referrals count, and charisma is invaluable! Mary is the epitome of a charisma coach, and gaining charisma builds loyalty and referrals automatically! This is reputation management.

Reputation Management applies to your company and your customer ‘facing’ staff. You may not want to admit it, but learning sales skills is a necessity. Sales skills teach people how to find the right potential clients, how to develop a relationship, how to cultivate relationships and how to find a win/win solution for your client or customer.

Becoming a “name” in your industry, community or field can be difficult, so you need a plan and strategy to get there. Professional assistance can help speed the process! Mary Gardner can help you with the people part of the equation, and the Mary Gardner Communications referral network can assist with media coverage, social networking, business planning, marketing, etc.

In addition, leadership has changed. Companies are now seeking INSPIRATIONAL LEADERSHIP from their managers and top performers. These inspiring leaders need to understand and adjust to the team atmosphere of the millennials, as well as learn to lead many different types of personalities. Mary’s system of learning about INSPIRING LEADERS helps transform managers into leaders and helps those who lead companies, become dynamic role models and inspirational speakers who help transform their cultures.

The Process:

Mary Gardner Communications, LLC founded by Mary Gardner, can coach you or your staff in business development, leadership, public speaking, branding or public relations in many different ways. Mary and her team’s specialty is people and behavior. One-on-one coaching by phone, virtual meetings via internet or in person meetings are viable options. Coaching in groups such as for a financial team, sales team, or marketing team, or meeting with individuals of a team or department throughout the day to create and implement branding have all been successful with Mary Gardner and the Mary Gardner Communications team.

TEAM MG’s goal is to work with each and every customer to create a plan and method to fulfill the need, whatever it may be, and share the inspiration! Our flexibility and expertise are your keys! We have testimonials ranging from regular employees to famous celebrities that will attest to Mary and her team’s expertise.

*Coaching Workshops are available for groups

Case study:

Peter has been an accountant at a well known accounting firm for over 20 years. He steadily watched his peers advance their careers and draw large accounts to the firm. He decided he wanted to get out of his shell, and to work towards a goal of increasing his bottom line so he would be selected to a prestigious Board or earn higher commissions within the firm.

Mary and Peter worked together for about 6 months. Over the course of that time, Mary helped Peter transform his wardrobe, he got an image makeover, and he lost 30 lbs by working out. Peter learned the fine art of networking by Mary taking him to networking groups and introducing him to others. Mary helped him write articles, speeches, and for the first time ever, he started making public presentations. Peter learned to develop business by targeting his “A” (best) accounts, build stronger relationships with them, and he learned to ask for referrals in a way that made them happy to oblige! After one year, Peter increased his billable hours by $500,000. He not only made more money than before, but he no longer lived in the shadows of his peers. He finally emerged as a leader where he wanted to be all along!

“I have thankfully worked with Mary Gardner for a period of about 6 months. She is a tremendous inspirational force who contributes her positive energy to her clients. Over that time, she helped me understand how to read people better, helped me to improve my interpersonal skills and public speaking. She helped me create a strategy to help increase my business which has steadily grown by several hundred thousand dollars. I would definitely recommend Mary to anyone who wants to improve their personal life and business.”