Mary’s Team

Mary Gardner Communications, LLC

Is a team of experienced Executive and Executive Communications Consultant, Speech and Media Coaches. Collectively we have over 80 years of working with senior level executives, influencers and celebrities, to communicate and to captivate.

We are available to our clients to provide services such as: Executive coaching and training, Keynote Speech collaboration, Corporate training, One on one Executive Speech Coaching, CEO coaching, Brand building, Executive Presence coaching and weekly Inspiring leadership and communications strategies.

Our coaches are located on the East coast but we are one zoom or phone call away. We also work in person.

Jani Moon

Jani trains media personalities, celebrities, authors, life coaches, business leaders, and experts into highly desirable star talent. She coaches you to overcome your fears and limitations and take down your self-created walls so you can communicate from an authentic, powerful place that is aligned with your brand and mission.

Her unique coaching method focuses on you tapping into your creative flow, finding your voice and sharing your inner genius. In her individualized zoom sessions and group workshops, she builds your confidence in front of the camera and live audiences. She offers a diverse array of strategies, techniques, formulas, and outlines as a basis for you to co-create compelling content and for you to have the tools to deliver a message that your audiences connect to. Going beyond mundane and generic stories, she teaches I to We language so that your personal and professional stories have more impact and meaning. She designs and leads workshops and trainings on personal brand development, story- telling, podcasts, vlogs, video courses, webinars, seminars, professional speaking, and Ted Talks.

She is sweet but tough. She loves helping you fully express yourself and shine so you can create a positive impact on the world.


  • Public Speaking, TV Appearances, and Ted Talks
  • Brand Development, Core Messaging & Storytelling
  • Vlogs
  • Podcasts
  • On-line and In-person Video Courses & Webinars
  • Media Interview Skills

From performing the National Anthem for the NBA’s Orlando Magic to singing across America and around the world, Tim  is a professional who is committed to excellence. 

But Tim is more than a singer… 

As a Certified Human Behavior Specialist, he also trains corporations and non-profits in the areas of conflict resolution & team building, helping these groups to maximize performance.

Tim is DISC certified and presents workshops on the DISC assessment test which is a personality profile test used by more than 1 million people every year to improve teamwork, communication and productivity in the workplace.  Tim is also a corporate trainer and has trained all over the US.  

A graduate of Cedarville University, Tim served as the director of music at Word of Life Fellowship, Inc., with Evangelist Jack Wyrtzen, taught Bible and music for a Christian high school and was an associate pastor at Riverdale Baptist Church of Largo, Maryland. 

He has also been a frequent guest on Dr. Charles Stanley’s In Touch television program, Adrian Rogers’ Love Worth Finding television program, and has supplied special music for the NFL’s Washington Redskins and has sung the National Anthem for the NBA’s Washington Wizards as well as the Orlando Magic.

Tim has traveled in a full-time concert and as a corporate seminar leader since 1992. His presentations are a unique blend of teaching and song.

He also serves as a worship consultant to churches in music transition.

Tim and his wife Alicia, have three married daughters, a son, and daughter at home. 

Tim Kaufman

Chris Ice

Chris is known for being a leader of integrity, innovation and inspiration.  Through his consultations and trainings, he helps organizations with executive coaching, organizational and leadership consulting, and spearheading fundraising initiatives.

Chris has led numerous organizations in the for profit and not for profit sectors with revenues as high as $100M and assets over $200M. He has consulted with $20B private equity firms across the country and is known for turning around organizations quickly by creating the Inspirational Cultural Experience (“ICE”).

Leadership starts at the top and Christopher is very skilled at getting the right people in the right place. Through his ICE technique, he creates a culture of innovation, community and empowerment which leads to a spirit of collaboration, high productivity and a strong sense of purpose of mission within the organization.

Most recently, Christopher was the president of a small Catholic university in Florida and through his creative approach, he successfully led the University through a global pandemic even in the midst a major personal tragedy. During these 18 months, he and his team increased fundraising by 150% over the previous best year in the University’s history. He established a new record for enrollment along with increasing retention to a record high while reducing the overall tuition discount rate. His creative approach and great interpersonal skills repaired a fractured local community to rally them around the University to encourage them to be a part of the new experience he created.

As a speaker, Chris shares many stories of his past experience building and transforming previously fractured organizations to give them a sense of mission and why they exist as an organization. He believes building strong people are the answer, and that by working together, strength and success are inevitable.