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A nationally recognized speaker and public speaking coach, Mary Gardner rose to prominence in the industry as an agent at Keppler Speakers. She then founded The Coaches Certification Institute in Princeton, New Jersey, the first business and life coaching and training school on the east coast.

An avid communicator with a passion for helping others find their charismatic voice, Gardner has worked to raise the profile of many executives, celebrities, professional athletes and influencers, and transition them to new, lucrative careers in the motivational speaking circuit. In her role as the President of the Inspirational Speakers Academy, she has created a workshop series that fast tracks former professional football players into an exciting new career as professional motivational speakers.

Gardner draws on her experience as a television and radio host, where she appeared on Nightline, The Today Show, CNN, ABC 20/20, CBS, Fox, and MSNBC. She has addressed corporate and college audiences across the country, and her client list includes Goldman Sachs, Mercedes Benz, Computer Associates and numerous Wall Street financial institutions. She also has experience as a professional spokesperson.

In a coaching capacity, Gardner has worked with astronaut Mark Kelly, professional athletes Billie Jean King, Martina Navratilova, Peggy Fleming, Bernard King, Mike Hayes and Randy Grimes as well as TV anchors, CEOs, and executives who are respected experts in their fields.

Professionals Trained in Charmisma Techniques

Speakers Coached Now Making Over 1 Million a Year on Stage

Local and National TV Show Appearance

Colleges and Universities Where Mary Has Inspired Audiences

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You still have your eyes set on being the top leader – the CEO, or join the executive C Suite?

What would it take? The right connections or  becoming a dynamic communicator and leader?

Discover how to up your confidence and step on stage as a powerful influencer. It’s time you get a strategy, build a strong personal brand and get some help.

C Suite & Executive Ladies, Females, Powerhouses and Influencers!

Ladies, feeling frustrated and wonder if you are being taken seriously? Tired of not getting tapped for positions you were DEFINITELY qualified fo?.

You need something different – and not just a typical “coach” will do! You need someone who will see your special genius, help you gather a strategy to develop influence, get hired, not only for the jobs, but for the paid board positions!

I can PROMISE you, you are probably closer than you think.

Develop Your Signature Keynote Speech

Speakers are the new celebrities – and YOU have a story to tell. But honestly, we’ve all seen speakers and then we’ve seen SPEAKERS! There is a major difference between someone who is polished, a great storyteller, has anecdotal evidence and stats to back up their phenomenal experience they want to share! And at some point in our lives, we ask ourselves – how come them, and not me?

Learn how to stand on stage and with complete confidence, and share from the heart.

Now is the time to invest YOUR time and resources – to become the BEST version of you on stage that you can. So whether you’re starting as an influencer to speak on virtual stages, or if you’re already a seasoned professional speaker, I can assure you, you have your best work ahead of you!


Find your Special Job, Career and Purpose -DURING and Post Covid!

Companies are hiring. And, this IS a great time to Reinvent, Retool and Relaunch..

Master Linked-In to Network, meet Head-hunters, hiring managers and leverage your influence to land the perfect job. 

This is your opportunity to work with Two professional coaches Mary Gardner and Paula Wenzl – AKA Aunt Paula!

Together they’ll help you create a personal brand, find the right job, prep and redo your resume and get you ready to nail the interview. They have a serious amount of experience but they have a lot of fun. It is with personality, flair and creativity that they will be able to help YOU NAIL a new career, a new job or give you direction.


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Mary’s coaching and techniques took me from being an industry speaker where I spoke about mostly technology, to be a speaker who can command an audience and receive a standing ovation. I would recommend Mary highly to anyone who needs to make a great impression an become a powerful speaker on stage and in life.

Jim Keppler

Founder and Former President, Keppler Speakers, Washington DC

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