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Personal Branding

Personal branding is the new buzzword in modern marketing—and for good reason. But why is it relevant to you? You have a business, you’re a public speaker, you have a website, you even have Facebook and an Instagram… isn’t that enough?

When people Google you, what are you hoping they find?
Moxie Brands is a systematic marketing agency owned by creative content imaginator and branding consultant, Angela Robbins.

Personal branding is about crafting a distinct identity for yourself as an expert within your industry, and the personification of how you want to be viewed and valued.  Robbins and her team will take all the best of “you”, your imaginary highlight reel, and craft your personal brand.

Moxie Brands is the affiliate strategic partner of Mary Gardner Communications.  Their expert branding team collaborates with you to pinpoint the identifying factor that makes you a rockstar in a world of wallflowers. So while you may be a digital native and active on every social platform, or a luddite who thinks a story is only found around a campfire or in a good book, Mary and the Moxie team will help you harness the perfect balance of creativity and consistency to achieve the social impact that will elevate you above your peers and colleagues.