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Speaker Support and Development

Is your goal to be a professional speaker? Have you always thought you’d make a great motivational speaker but didn’t know where to start?

Mary has been coaching professional speakers for many years. She helps them craft a SIGNATURE KEYNOTE SPEECH by telling their own story. This story will help you relate to the audience and help them relate to you. By telling it in a very emotional way, and by identifying the moments in your life where you face a deep struggle, and then share how you came out of it after meeting each challenge. Your audience will go on an emotional journey with you, and learn to appreciate you as a credible source.

Your story is YOUR story for a reason ,and it’s meant for you to be able to help others. You can write this story and learn to present it to professional groups around the world.

Mary and her team will coach you through the creation of your story, and teach you how to work with agents, bureaus and learn the industry of being a professional presenter.

Benefits to coaching with Mary
Create a Signature Keynote Speech
Get presentation coaching to you will receive a standing ovation
Triple your income as a speaker by working with speaker bureaus
Learn how to be the favorite speaker of the speaker bureaus
Become a master story teller so you please everyone in the audience and they remember you
Get asked back to speak and get referrals as a speaker – to grow your business!