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Still Sitting on that Epic Message You had Ages Ago to Get Out To The World?

If You’re Finally Ready To Step Up and Step Out, But Not Sure Where to Begin, Don’t Worry…

Introducing the Ten-Week Coaching Course to Become a Motivational Speaker

Did you ever ask yourself, “WHY ME? Why did I have to go through so many obstacles in my life, and live to tell about it?   Did you ever feel that you have a message to share with others?

Do you feel that you have a gift and a message to share and not just for you to entertain people but to actually HELP people?

Motivational speaking is a skill that can be learned, and it SHOULD be learned! If you’re an entrepreneur, a coach, a consultant, or need to bring in business, then motivational speaking will help you become a money making machine.

Now, for the first time ever, training is available to those who want to share their good work in the Mary Gardner Communications presents: the Inspirational Speakers Academy, an online and in person training company that helps individuals become proficient speakers, spokespersons so they can learn new skills that will aid them in helping to raise awareness, raise money, and to increase their own brand and business awareness.

Mary has been training speakers for many years, from Astronaut Mark Kelly, to Billie Jean King and Martina Navratilova, Mary has help the stars find their voice.

Mary Gardner, the founder of Inspirational Speakers Academy, has been training speakers and spokespersons for many years.   Her company, Mary Gardner Communications, helps spokespeople to become speakers and to represent causes and charities in a way that is passionate and professional.   From helping people get over the fear of public speaking, to writing their Signature Keynote speeches, Mary has helped the speakers make millions of dollars, for themselves and also for charities.


Motivational Speaking– Course Outline


Week 1 – What is Your Brand?

Week 2- Writing the Speech

Week 3 – Going for the Standing “O”

Week 4 – Letting the World Know You’re a Speaker

Week 5 – Marketing Your Business as a Speaker

Week 6 – Working with Agents and Bureaus

Week 7 – Additional Income Streams for the Speaker

Week 8 – Working with Meeting Planners

Week 9 – Creating Your Calling Card – Writing a Book

Week 10- Working as a Professional Speaker

Mary is the author of “Insiders Guide to Professional and Motivational Speaking” and now for the first time, is offering a ten week course complete with interactive teleconference calls, detailed instruction, and interviews with professional speakers, among many other pros in the speaking world.

Please contact Mary@marygardner.com or call: 1-855-96-INSPIRE for more information or visit www.marygardner.com