The Well Spoken Woman/The Well Spoken Executive

Communication is the #1 reason why people fail, or succeed.

In her keynote address, Mary will share her insights as to what makes a great communicator. She will share from her experiences of coaching top, world renown speakers and executives and the changes they made in order to find success as a great communicator.

Sharing inspiring stories of great communicators, along with simple tips of how people can become more polished, and better communicators. will help individuals raise their game at work and in life, help them to become more influential, and more respected.

In addition, Mary will share how each individual can maintain a positive work environment, eliminate the drama and create a personality that shines.


Leadership is made up of many characteristics, but did you know that the number one thing that all people want in a leader? They want their leader to be INSPIRING.

But what makes an inspiring leader? Do you know?

In her keynote, Mary reveals the tangible and the intangible inner workings of an inspiring leader.  From being able to be a great collaborator, to encouraging individuals to improve upon their skills, to using words that motivate, Mary will captivate and challenge the audience to become the INSPIRING LEADER!


This chaotic world is full of stressed out individuals who need a bit of hope.  In a light hearted and inspiring way, Mary will share stories of companies who are transforming their work place one person at a time and one day at a time.

Through happy and positive messages, inspirational stories and creative ideas, Mary will share ways to make each day great, fill each day with meaning, and help inspire those in our lives that need a pick me up, or a lift up. Each of us has the ability to inspire others which will make our workplace and our world, a better place.