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Speech and Presentation Coaching for the Leader

Have you spoken in front of groups and wondered how you REALLY sounded?

Would you like to KNOW that you’re a great speaker from instant feedback?
Learning WHAT to say is important, but HOW you say it can make all the difference! That is where the magic lies with Mary Gardner. Are you ready to get MG Inspired?

Would you like to look at your audience and see everyone engaged and excited about what you are saying? Mary or her team can help you with that!

WE will tailor an individual plan for you. A real or staged presentation may be videotaped, then reviewed, with Mary Gardner Communications staff to assess the strengths and weaknesses, and to determine goals. 

Coaching and refinements typically require:

  • Identifying individual trademark characteristics of the speaker, especially those that lend to being comfortable on stage (perhaps leading the presentation with a joke, etc)
  • Coaching in constructing a strong speech with your personal trademarks
  • Training on doing introductions, and how to be introduced
  • Techniques to get the audience on your side.. IMMEDIATELY!
  • Engaging the audience from the get go
  • Techniques for presenting sensitive information
  • Training in the fine art of story telling
  • Charisma coaching – we’ll help you SHINE on stage!
  • Coaching to artfully persuade your audience: when and how to do it!
  • Use of props
  • Powerful conclusions – training to get the standing “O”
  • Practicing over, and over, and over.

“Your techniques gave me so much confidence as a speaker. It is a whole new world of speaking for me!”
Peggy Fleming, Olympic Gold Medalist Ice Skater & ABC Commentator, CA