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Speech and Presentation Writing and Development

We live in a world that continues to get faster paced every day. Attention spans are compressed, and to succeed in business, it helps to be quick on your feet. We suggest you Get Inspired with Mary Gardner!

Preparation is ‘key’, but knowing how to come across genuinely is also important. Knowing what to say, and when to say it makes a huge impact in your personal and professional life, and is rewarding when it is genuinely meant. Top executives, managers, and celebrities know the secret! They get help from the professionals. They hire speech writers like Mary Gardner! Mary Gardner and the MG Communications team can help you find the right words and the genuine you!

Mary can help you write the speech for that dreaded Monday morning meeting, for the Kick-off Sales Meeting, or for that presentation to win new business for your employer. Mary’s speech writing can enhance awards dinners and turn them from dull to dazzling! Mary’s speech writing can ensure that YOU will get noticed over your peers, especially when it’s time for that promotion! And for the celebrity with an inspiring story to tell, knowing what to say and how to say it with style will make all of the difference in your career as a speaker.

The Process:

The initial consultation is an evaluation of WHO you are and HOW you want to appear to your audience. Then your coach, Mary, will collaborate with you on your message, and a speech will be drafted and sent to you for review. Mary will work with you until the message “fits” YOU and you have a final ‘comfortable’ speech that is genuine to you! (Even if you are not comfortable speaking to groups.)

Practice is essential! Mary will coach you through any concerns you may have, and she is a seasoned charisma coach. If delivery is your concern, practices can be performed together in person, online, or by phone. She will get you MG Inspired! We promise!!

After your big event, generally the feedback you receive will tell you how you did. If you want to excel at delivering speeches Mary is available as your career coach, or as an ongoing speech writer to help you get to the level you desire.

“As a busy professional, I receive hundreds of requests to speak to groups. Mary helped me to organize my thoughts in outlined speech that helps keep me on track and creates impact. She found out my specific needs and worked with me to achieve my professional speaking goals”.
Billie Jean King, Tennis Pro, World Team Tennis