About Mary Gardner

Mary Gardner is the Founder and CEO of Mary Gardner Communications, LLC based in Winter Park, Florida. She leads a team of dynamic individuals who are also dedicated to the success of our clients. Mary Gardner has been coaching executives, athletes, celebrities and leaders for many years!

This is accomplishied through Coaching, Training, Management Consulting and Public Relations. the company motto is: WE INSPIRE THE INSPIRING.

Webster’s dictionary defines charisma as magnetism, appeal, personality, allure, captivation, charm, oomph, and pizzazz! Mary delivers all of that and more: Get‘MG Inspired!’

Mary earned her B.A. in Mass Communications from Auburn University. Mary worked on Capitol Hill for Senator Paul Laxalt when he served on the Subcommittee of Criminal Law (a division of the Judiciary Committee). Then, she began a seven-year association as a celebrity lecture agent with Keppler Speakers, one of the foremost speaker bureaus in the country, headquartered in Arlington, Virginia. While at Keppler Speakers, she worked with many renowned personalities.  When she retired from being an agent, she spent a few years as a professional publicist, developing brands for authors and experts.

Mary went on to train with Coach University and started coaching in the areas of public speaking, public relations, personal branding, sales, communication skills and charisma!

In 1998, Mary founded The Coaches Certification Institute in Princeton, New Jersey; the first coach-based ‘In Person’ coach training school on the east coast. A sampling of clients includes Mark Kelly (Astronaut & husband of Gabby Gifford), and Mia Tyler (daughter of Aerosmith’s Stephen Tyler). Professional athletes such as Billie Jean King (world tennis champion), Martina Navratilova (world tennis champion), Peggy Fleming (Olympic ice skater), Bernard King (NBA basketball phenomena), and numerous TV news anchors, executives and professionals.

Mary Gardner: Founder of MG Inspired

Mary is part talent scout, part public speaking coach, Charisma Consultant, author, columnist, motivator, speech writer, business consultant and brings to the table whatever her clients need so they can succeed. We trust after you meet Mary Gardner, you will agree that MG Inspired is a fitting name since Mary is not only inspiring herself but brings that part of your personality to the surface and will make you become someone others see as inspiring! Mary is one of those unique people that can find the best in anyone and everyone. She can turn idiosyncrasies into assets, she can find the optimism in bad news, and she can help you find the best in you!

Her published articles appear in dozens of national publications specializing in the areas of professional speaking, developing charisma, and communication. She has published 3 books: “Insider’s Guide to Professional and Public Speaking”, “The Charisma Coaches’ Guide to Becoming an Influential Personality”, and a book on all natural healing.

Mary Gardner: Columnist

Mary is a business columnist  and has written for www.entrepreneur.com and former columnist for the Orlando Business Journal. Her column, “Get Connected” addresses how communication is changing, and how we interact personally and professionally. Her published articles appear in dozens of national publications specializing in the areas of professional speaking, developing charisma, and communication. Mary Gardner is also a featured writer on Jennings Wire.

Mary Gardner: The “Connector”

Mary is often referred to as a “Connector”. She is genuine, and as such, she attracts an interesting and diverse circle of friends and associates from movie and TV producers to casting and lecture agents, CEO’s, editors of major magazines, politicians, celebrities, and business executives. Mary’s diverse background in the entertainment, sales and communications fields provides her with hands-on experience and has established her expertise in effective communications.

Mary Gardner: Public Speaker

Mary has served and enjoys the role as “Master of Ceremonies” at numerous national conferences and she has addressed corporate and college audiences across the country. Her passion and penchant for powerful communication techniques and style, along with her charismatic personality have made her a highly sought-after speaker and trainer for all audiences. Among the many large corporate clients Mary has worked with are Goldman Sachs, Mercedes Benz, Computer Associates, The Mony Group, Eisner LLP Accounting Firm, and numerous Wall Street financial institutions.

Television and Media Experience

Mary’s television experience is extensive. She has reported, anchored and has been featured on national TV news programs such as Nightline, The Today Show, The Early Show, Fox News, CNN, and MSNBC among other networks. Mary appeared on the ABC TV John Stossel special “Social Cruelty, The In-Crowd” teaching “charisma skills” to students. She appeared in most of the top 30 local television markets in cities such as Dallas, Boston, New York City, San Francisco, Miami, Cleveland, Baltimore, Seattle, Phoenix, Tampa, and Atlanta as a “trend and lifestyle expert”. Mary was the “Gal Around Town” for the FOX news in Charlotte, NC. She is a frequent radio & TV host, and guest.

More about Mary

Mary is an avid swimmer and volunteer for many charitable organizations. Her passion is helping families change their lifestyles in order to heal their families. Mary and her family live in the quaint New England style city of Winter Park, just North of Orlando, FL.