Mary Gardner has been our “go to” speech coach for many years. As a former agent herself, she knows the ins and outs of the industry and knows what the customers want in a speaker. She’s turned many of our speakers into high level and successful speakers and we are happy to continue our great work with her.
Jim Keppler

Founder and Former President, Keppler Speakers, Washington DC

Mary’s coaching and techniques took me from being an industry speaker where I spoke about mostly technology, to being a speaker who can command an audience and receive a standing ovation. I would recommend Mary highly to anyone who needs to make a great impression an become a powerful speaker on stage and in life.
Mark Kelly

Astronaut, NASA

Mary Gardner’s enthusiastic and engaging style can turn an ordinary motivational coaching session into something along the lines of being in the locker room with Lou Holtz at half-time down by 7… she makes it all come alive and makes you excited about improving your results. She emphasizes the possibilities and options open to individuals and companies. She believes in the power of potential.
Jamie O’Conner
International Management Group, NY
In Kairos time, my future just appeared before my eyes. It was so unbelievably surreal how Mary took all that I am and have done and launched into the future to where I am going. Thank you Darlin’ for being all that you are!
Julianna Ormond
Author, Speaker and Coach
Mary is a huge talent in a variety of areas. We worked together on a radio project, and she is the consummate professional. She is well-spoken, quick on her feet, driven, and full of ideas. A beautiful, brainy, fun-loving gal, she’s great on camera, whether as a host or spokesperson, and excels at succinctly conveying a message, whether sharing information or making a sell for a product/service. She’s a big people person who is all about dispensing info. to help others. She’s a skilled coach and motivational speaker, and would be an asset to any company or individual hoping to achieve success in their lives, whether personal or professional.
Robin Gorman Newman
RGN Communications, Owner/Partner
As a busy professional, I receive hundreds of requests to speak to groups. Mary helped me to organize my thoughts in outlined speech that helps keep me on track and creates impact. She found out my specific needs and worked with me to achieve my professional speaking goals.
Billie Jean King
Tennis Pro, World Team Tennis
Confidence Plus! Utilizing Mary’s training took the edge off which made me more comfortable and thus more confident. Mary doesn’t ‘suggest’ changes or ‘offer advice’ for what a speaker should or may want to implement. She absolutely laser focus nails it! She can see MY story within the big story, She shows you how to take that story framework and then stay on target. My problems were tangents and bunny trails. After one interview I was amazed at the discernment Mary exhibited and how clear my mission became. I am out to change the world. Mary rocked my world so that I can launch out with purpose, poise, and professionalism.
Patsy Gilbert
G-Rated Productions
Mary spoke to us in her capacity as expert on networking, communicating, and public speaking. If you are looking for an inspired and inspiring speaker, Mary Gardner is your top choice. She knows how to engage her audience and tailors her message to make it both relevant and entertaining. Her experience combined with her passion for helping others make her a compelling speaker, coach and workshop leader who can provide an interactive learning experience.
Micha Schwappach
Siemens Corporation
Your techniques gave me so much confidence as a speaker. It is a whole new world of speaking for me.
Peggy Fleming
Olympic Gold Medalist Ice Skater & ABC Commentator, CA
I highly recommend working with Mary Gardner. There are many words to describe her – Wow, Amazing, Intelligent, Passionate, Energetic – these are but a few. Mary is one of the most personable warm ladies I have met. When she is speaking to you – you have her undivided attention. When you are working with her – you have her committment to excellence and experience guiding you on your path to continued success. If you have the opportunity to work with Mary in whatever capacity, take advantage of this opportunity. You will be happy you did!
Cynthia Blackwell
BlackRain Partners
I just want you to know that I thought Mary was soooo good. She really has energy, can “walk and talk at the same time” and is a pleasure to work with. In the sea of guests that aren’t, she is a refreshing change! Please pass on my delight of working with her on for me.
Lynn Tucker
QVC Host
Mary is one of the most intelligent and resourceful professionals in Orlando. She is as kind as she is brilliant and has raised the bar for all other professionals. I highly recommend Mary Gardner.
Tricia Rupp
Founder/President, Project Wings USA, Inc.
I had the unique opportunity to sit in as a guest while Mary spoke to a group of employees at Siemens. I was taken aback by her ability to instantly connect with the group and get everyone engaged and interacting with not only her but with the others in the room. She has an uncanny ability to put people at ease with her warm personality. If you have the chance to work with Mary, consider yourself very lucky.
Matt Masterson
Circulation Sales Executive, Orlando Business Journal
I have thankfully worked with Mary Gardner for a period of about 6 months. She is a tremendous inspirational force who contributes her positive energy to her clients. Over that time, she helped me understand how to read people better, helped me to improve my interpersonal skills and public speaking. She helped me create a strategy to help increase my business which has steadily grown by several hundred thousand dollars. I would definitely recommend Mary to anyone who wants to improve their personal and business skills!
Peter Michaelson
Mary Gardner is a very unique and inspiring individual. She has the ability to radiate a room with her positive and uplifting perspective. With a don’t quit attitude and the strength to overcome any obstacles placed before her, Mary is a true asset to have anywhere in your organization or life.
Trent Duncan
Videographer, Trent Duncan Productions
Mary is a very outgoing and enthusiastic individual who has a strong work ethic and presents her company very professionally. Mary’s networking skills are fantastic and she has gone the extra mile to help connect businesses who would complement each other. I would consider Mary to be a leader in her field.
Jackie Lynn 
Business Development Executive at Carr, Riggs & Ingram
Your skills, techniques and overall presence created a magnificent forum for all of those attending the seminar. The attendees searched deep within themselves to create possibilities for the future that were untapped before your seminar. You transformed the mindset from the predictable way of being from the past to the exciting world of possibilities in the future.
Rick Gould, CPA
Gould & Co. NYC
In Mary’s seminar we all became one big enthusiastic team. No one was left on the sidelines. Everyone became a part of everyone else’s success and you could feel the energy rising.
Kathleen Kavanaugh
Colgate Palmolive, NYC
I enjoyed your warmth and style, and it was obvious that you brought magic into people’s lives.
Ben Buleri
Tax Consultant, Toms River, NJ
I want to thank you, Mary, for making me look at the way in which I was doing my job. I looked and decided that it was time for a change, a change in the way that I present information and in the way that I present myself. You are truly a remarkable speaker. I feel that anyone can learn something about public speaking from taking or even just attending one of your classes or lectures.
Ken Hartman
Benefits Education, State of NJ
I am writing to express my deepest appreciation for your course, “Secrets to Developing Charisma and an Outstanding Personality.”  I would like to bring special attention to the care you gave to the participants. Even though the seminar was packed, your meticulous and compassionate attention to each person in that room left no stone unturned.

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