Real Clients, Real Results

Mary is a very experienced and talented executive and speaking coach. She works with individuals to bring out their inner talent and present themselves with confidence, charisma, and executive presence. Working with Mary will positively impact both your professional and personal life. Mary will help you get to the next level and beyond!

Peter Charvat MD, MBA, FACHE

Vice President & Chief Medical Officer St. Joseph's Main and Children's Hospitals at BayCare Health SystemVice President & Chief Medical Officer St. Joseph's Main and Children's Hospitals at BayCare Health System

Mary has been a tremendous resource and asset to me. She has always brought her “A” game to her clients. She has invited me to work with some of her clients while they were perfecting their Keynote speech. I always recommend my clients to go to Mary for their speaker training. Whether for onstage or even Zoom presentations. I have always been impressed with the level of clientele Mary has and how working with her always elevates the speaking industry. She has a awesome way of helping her clients create captivating engagement.
Tyson Russell

Marketing Strategist

Mary served as a speaking coach for me when I was given the opportunity to perform a TED talk. Mary helped me develop and write my talk as well as ensuring I was able to deliver my message. She was able to teach me the art of delivering a speech like this. She was easy to work with, was able to meet on my complicated schedule and ensured I was perfectly prepared to deliver my talk. I would use Mary again without hesitation should the opportunity arise
Dr. Larry Volz

Tedx Speaker, General Surgeon

There are very few people who can coach a speaker how to capture an audience in a matter of minutes and Mary Gardner is the best in the industry. I have personally experienced her ability to quickly assess my ideas and help formulate my thoughts into a dynamic presentation. I have personally witnessed and continue to be amazed with her uncanny ability to navigate the personality of speakers, whether introvert or extrovert, and help produce speeches that are captivating and memorable. I thought I was a good speaker until I met Mary. She has elevated my “game” where I now have fun speaking in a variety of settings. She is a key member of my team.
Christopher P. Ice

CEO Ice Executive Coaching and Consulting

Mary is an Elyria and amazing human, mentor, coach, and woman of Christ. The depths of our real action ship extends beyond surface level. Mary has brough light into my life personally and professionally by providing much needed perspective on effective communication skills. I have never experienced someone with such a heavy influence and I look forward to a life long relationship of fellowship in Christ and doing business together from a speaking coach perspective and bras well as branding strategy
Richard Yeargin III

Former NFL 2x National Champion, Speaker

I can highly recommend working with Mary. During a recent career transition, Mary helped me to improve my branding on LinkedIn, revise my resume giving it more concise and compelling content, and had many concrete suggestions for personal development. Mary is an inspired career coach who has a gift for getting to the heart of the situation and the experience to help you produce tangible results. Her high energy and infectious smile alone are worthy then add her on-point intellectual assessment and you have a powerful ally.
Dave McKnight


I’ve been working with Mary for several months and she definitely brings enthusiasm & next level mentorship to becoming a well rounded business professional. As I embarked on an entrepreneurship journey this year, i needed guidance on presenting & public speaking. I also found myself getting swallowed into the corporate mantra of “it’s a man’s world” so i needed to re-ignite my feminine energy to be able to light up a room & become more authentic. With Mary’s guidance she’s been a huge influence on my progression with her quick thinking mindset. She’s an inspiration and has been very influential in helping me become a better woman personally & professionally. I highly recommend her!
Mandy Smith

Sales Manger Southern Glazer’s Wine and Spirits

“If you are interested in launching a new business or new career in public speaking, my experience with Mary Gardner allows me to say without hesitation, she is the person you want coaching you, brainstorming with you, mentoring you, and helping you shape actionable goals to help you build momentum regardless of where you are on your journey to success. I met Mary Gardner after I requested her consulting services. I was writing a book on leadership and hoping to use my book as a springboard to launch my consulting/speaking business. She was very professional, knowledgeable, and engaging. She went beyond what I asked her for and helped me develop my brand and my message. She coached me toward achieving goals that I didn’t see as goals prior to our working relationship forming. I have since finished writing my book, published my website, and began hosting and producing a podcast that publishes a new episode every Friday. My business is newly formed but I know that Mary’s guidance is always a phone call away. I have no doubt that her goal is to see me succeed in my entrepreneurial endeavors. Mary has become a friend and mentor. From the moment I met her I never felt like a customer. I have always felt as though she personally made my success her goal. She is amazing. Do yourself a favor and have a conversation with her. You will recognize very quickly that she is passionate about helping YOU achieve your goals.
David Hollenbach

Hollenbach Consulting, LLC

“I couldn’t have made a better decision when I selected Mary as my career coach. She helped me become clear on my goals and provided guidance to find my dream job. She truly cares about my well-being and dedicated to helping me reach my goals. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for guidance and clarity about their career. ”
Monica Kirkland


“After the first phone call with Mary, I knew she was the coach I was looking for. She is energetic, passionate and positive. She helps you discover the possibilities you haven’t thought of. Mary is a great communicator, is highly motivating and will make you think about all the new possibilities that are within reach. She has been invaluable!! I highly recommend her.”
Maria Muzio

Senior Business Analyst

“Mary is an excellent coach and speaker. She has helped me time and time again to work on presentations and also maneuver the corporate politics. She is an asset to any team for development of those soft skills needed to be a successful leader”
Omar Sanchez


“Mary is one of the most giving coaches, I know – like above and beyond! She made sure I knew what I was both doing well and what I could improve in my coaching business. She referred me to people in her network as well. When it comes to branding, she recognized aspects of my personality and experience that made me stand out to the right potential clients. All that, and she’s a blast to talk to! I absolutely recommend working with Mary!!
Nate Johnson

High Performance Coach

“Mary can see the invisible (client blind spots) and has the innate ability to constructively recommend positive changes that will make life long impacts to one’s future career. Also, trustworthy, caring, punctual and polished.”
Timon Cooney

National Sales Manager

“Mary is a fantastic coach, giving lot of energy and good vibes. She helped a lot to envision future and find the right way to be more visible. Great advices, thanks so much Mary ”
Lydie Roux

General Manager, Novo Nordisk Maghreb & Levant

“Mary’s coaching helped me see a better professional path in my future. I am always a positive person, but Mary has shown me how to be even more positive. Mary is a great communicator, is highly motivating and will make you think about all the new possibilities that are within reach.”
Kim E. Cousins

Technical Writer

“Working with Mary has been such an incredible opportunity. Her knowledge of relationship building, networking, and career advancements is invaluable. She has been an amazing mentor and motivator throughout this journey and I cannot thank her enough.”
Hayden Lee

Finance Professional

“Mary is a breath of fresh air as a Professional Coach. With her help, I transitioned to a new career path that makes use of my skills and talents. Not only is she insightful, but she was also great at helping me keep up my morale during the job search and she offers techniques for destressing and building self-confidence. I’m happily working at a new job that she personally helped me set up. She was “in the trenches” with me, sending a recommendation to the decision-makers from my interviews. In addition, she helps me network with her own contacts to identify potential opportunities for the future and learn about companies/industries that I am considering as I grow and develop. She’s a great motivator, a good friend and an insightful person.”
Patrick Veilleux

Sales Professional, Education

“As the CTO of a large defense contractor, I have found that communication abilities and being able to speak in public is intricate to the job. As a part of technology engineering as a group, we are not known for our ability to able to communicate at basic levels and often find ourselves introverted with our work and social abilities. Mary understands people and our ability to connect with others while speaking and presenting to an audience. Her talent and energy has helped me immensely in being able to communicate at a technical and personnel level that has greatly enhanced my professional presence. I can not give her enough credit for what she has done with me. ”
Craig Clark

Chief Technology Officer, Kratos Defense

“You know it, when you know it! That is exactly how I felt when I hung up the phone with Mary Gardner. I had to sit and think for a minute and say Wow! What an incredibly self aware, experienced coach. If you are looking for a coach, a brand manager, a visionary who can help you see your dreams and ideas while correctly branding your image then call Mary. She’s literally a cross between a Doctor, Futurist and Coach and I only spent 20 minutes with her. I hope to work with her in the future and eventually meet her one day and say “Thank you!””
Wade Hauser,

VP of Business Development, SOLVO Global USA

“Mary is such an expert in her field and an amazing coach! I contacted her to help with my public speaking skills as I am pursuing my MBA and in my current role at Siemens I do a lot of public of speaking. She is so genuine in her interaction and was able to provide practical skills in which I saw immediate results once I applied them. Highly recommend! Mary is such a pleasure to work with! ”
Ebony Jackson


“I had the opportunity to work with Mary over the last few weeks. She helped me to gain a clear vision for my career, leading not to only a secure job opportunity, but with a company that I am truly excited about. She also helped boost my confidence in my work, see what I can bring to a company and also what I can bring to the world. I would completely recommend working with Mary again and again.”
Ariana Delin

Career Development Manager at The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society

“As a social influencer and health advocate and keto coach I have to communicate my vision and knowledge in a powerful and concise way. As a native from Russia I have had to learn alternative ways to influence those I am leading. Mary has helped me speak in a more confident way, has helped me bring out my natural charisma and has helped me tighten my message for the camera. I would highly recommend Mary Gardner if you seek a coach who can bring out the best in you.”
Tatiana Lauth

Financial Controller at Courier Connection, Inc

“Mary is a consummate professional. She has a gift for uplifting and pushing through the smog of this world to reach people. I’m a better Director because of my interactions with her. Mary’s advice has helped push me in the right directions to reach my career and life goals in the entertainment industry!! She is an asset to anyone who she is involved with professionally!!”
Neil Watson

Director at Pauper Film

“I met Mary via Linkedin ProFinder attempting to looking for help with my resume/career advise but she has been so much more than that. Her experience as a life coach, public speaker, and career developer is just the title that tell what she does but not how she does it. Mary has been so attentive to my concerns regarding my next step in my career and how to believe that it can be done. The conversation we had the first time was so comfortable and so enlightening at the same time. Anyone who comes into contact with Mary will for certain feel the same great professional and spiritual vibe that I felt she had. She has a divine connection with people of all walks of life, me being one of them. I wish her luck in all that she does knowing that she will do it to perfection.”
Debbie R. Correa

Accountant Specialist at Barry University School of Law

“Mary is a kind and sincere individual. She challenges me to be my best, authentic self, and is always accessible when I need her. She really takes the time to dig deep to get to the root of my challenges, and leverages her breadth of experience to find solutions to develop my executive presence. I look forward to my continued sessions and personal growth with her. ”
Leilani Batty

PMI-ACP, PMP, SA, Technology Director

“Mary is a wonderful coach and person. She really helped prepare me for a new role that required public speaking in front of large audiences (over 100 people). My first presentation after coaching was such a transformation! The confidence I gained was invaluable. She also has helped me develop a commanding presence, which is not how I’m naturally wired. Many times I am the only female in the room with senior executive leadership so being able to command a room is key. I’m still a work in progress, but have made leaps and bounds from where I was a year ago. I highly recommend Mary for anyone who is willing to get out of their shell and comfort zone to help them excel in their career.”
Michelle Hubbard

CPSM, Southeast District Marketing, Hensel Phelps

“I spent 2 hours on the phone with Mary who I found to be completely engaged with the emotional passion of my work. Mary quickly understood my vision and my purpose to a point that she could quickly guide me through my future road map. She is easy to speak with and has the ability to read your nessage to formulate an effective gameplan. I highly recommend Mary to guide you.through your next hurdle, she can help you capture your future state.”
Christopher Guerrera

CEO of PACE Systems

“After the first phone call with Mary, I was absolutely blown away. She is sharp and full of resources. We really hit the ground running. I am so grateful to have 30 minutes because that is all it took to create a strategy that I can use in my field. Mary is personable, smart and ready to help. I would recommend that anyone looking for guidance spend even a few minutes with her. That short amount of time on the phone was invigorating and inspired.”
Valerie Rivera

“Mary is incredibly knowledgeable, experienced and passionate about her work. Within minutes of speaking with Mary I realized that this is the caliber of coach and professional that I need to work with. A consummate professional who cares about her work and her clients.”
Jose Belen

Owner/Operator at The Freedom Factory Flag CO

“Mary is passionate, enthusiastic and extremely knowledgeable. I found that she has a unique ability to hone in on the intention of my presentation, and help me to refocus the energy of the speech more in that direction. She offered ideas and structure that I would not have put in place had she not recommended them. She was always upbeat, and constructive in her communication with me. She also was completely committed to my success, which I could feel through our entire interaction. I would highly recommend her.”
Ted Rubin

Owner/Operator at The Freedom Factory Flag CO

“Mary is a highly skilled professional speaking coach. Experienced and intuitive, she quickly provides the roadmap to your speaking career. If you have the chance to work with Mary, take it!”
Jason Milton

VP of Sales and Marketing at Diamond Resorts

“Mary Gardner far exceeded my expectations. She is absolutely incredible at quickly determining areas of weakness and coming up with a successful strategy. Mary is working with my 22 year old son who has mild cerebral palsy. She has helped him with his speech, confidence and putting his dreams in motion. Mary has coached him with interview skills and confident communication. Her coaching helped him land an incredible job. Thanks to Mary, my son speaks clearly now and with confidence. I highly recommend Mary Gardner.”
Tina Campanile

PA in Emergency Medicine

“I am very pleased to provide this recommendation for Mary Gardner. She is an amazing, talented, insightful and capable person. If you want to take yourself, your ability to communicate and your image to the next level, contact Mary. You will be thankful you did.’
Mark Ricca

Business Consultant, Trainer, Coach, Keynote Speaker

“Mary is a brilliant and energetic and positive communications coach and she really has helped me bring my speeches to the next level! She is amazing! She has an uncanny ability to understand the business side as she brings to the table a lot of great experience, especially having worked with people that worked at Goldman Sachs. Since I work in the area of data analytics and revenue management, she is the perfect person to coach me in building and adopting this new competency of business communication. She really helped coach me on how to succeed as a future presenter to the point where I feel confident in the material that I am presenting to my leaders. She recently helped me prepare a speech and I left the meeting feeling that I really impressed them! She knows how to perfectly craft a story so that it grabs the audiences attention, helps you add comments that helps the transition from one powerpoint slide to another be smooth, helps you to form beginning sentences that encapsulate each new topic that also adds contrast and emotion, so that it ignites both sides of the brain for the audience. Number are flat, but emotions bring it to life and she really helps you do just that! She helps you know what to parts in the speech to emphasize, pause, and to make eye connection with your audience for more powerful effect. She has helped me learn how to slow down when I speak and points out places where I need to better enunciate each word well. She also knows where and how to sprinkle in light-hearted comments to really add emotional connection with your audience. I also attended her “Charisma” workshop recently and it was SO fun, full of energy, filled with positive, engaging and educational activities that help you learn how to be a better communicator. I came out of that feeling like I really improved and know areas to practice and work on to become better. She is very positive, optimistic, and has a great sense of humor and is fun to work with and I cant wait for our next coaching session!!”
Marta Ventura

Financial Analyst, Disney World, PhD Candidate, Penn State University

“Mary has coached our team a few times now and I can’t express how amazing she is! She has an ability to not just coach the team on various communications skills, but to bring out the leader in you. Mary has been such a value to our team. We can’t wait for our next session!”
Genesis Salazar

MBA, LSSGB/Human Resources Manager at KMI International, Inc.

“Mary has given a soft skills presentation to about 130 college and university students for the last 2 years during CREWOrlando’s UCREW program. The students and college advisors and faculty thought she was amazing and the presentation was highly valuable. I would strongly recommend Mary for any personal skills training needs you may have. She’s motivating and captivated her audiences! Thanks Mary for all you’ve done for our UCREW program. ”
Courtney Keller

Shareholder and Co-Chair of Orlando Litigation, Department at Greenberg Traurig, LLP

“Move over Harry Potter and Oprah because Mary Gardner is the new power source in town. Mary is amazingly creative, has a very strong sense of business,has a truly unbelievable amount of contacts to hook you up with and has the ability to quickly understand what your needs are and the solutions. After I retired as a Corporate VP with 30 years business experience I felt frustrated unfocused and unable to take all of my scattered talents, skills, abilities and experience and create a brand of who I am and especially what I have to offer After our first meeting Mary was able to narrow everything down to six or so roads that I needed to explore I couldn’t believe what she was able to accomplish in such a short period of time This is a new beginning for me She is a genius”
Charlie Greco

Marketing Executive

“I recently had the exciting opportunity to co-host an offsite workshop for my team with Mary Gardner. Mary immediately recognized my passion for people and I was humbled that she would let me “share the stage” with her! While the entire team was benefiting from Mary’s incredible talents like motivating, inspiring and team-building, Mary was coaching me on how to succeed as a future presenter. She gives YOU 100% and has the amazing capability of knowing exactly what you need to move forward whatever your aspirations are. We must invest in our employees to keep top talent and Mary is the perfect consultant to help you achieve this! 
Michelle Pruitt

Finance Controller at Abbott

Mary Gardner is a gifted communicator and coach. She has decades of experience in pushing people past their fears to accomplish more than they thought possible. Her work has added value to leaders from Boardrooms to Broadcast Studios across North America. Once you spend time with Mary you will see why everyone loves working with her. She is energy-energy-energy focused toward a single goal – the success of her clients.’
Dwight Bain

Executive Coach and Counselor /Strategic Change Expert

“Mary is able to connect with her audiences and convey information in a way that not only teaches, but inspires action, but builds foundations for continued success. I highly recommend her to work with individuals or teams.”
Ginny Bolling

SR/WA, Real Estate Acquisition

“I brought Mary in to assist me in a team building exercise upon taking over a department that had been somewhat fragmented under other leadership. She participated in a team getaway that set us on the path to success. Mary is now a long time friend and I do not hesitate to recommend her.”
Ron Barker

Managing Partner at CigarVolante, LLC

“We worked with Mary on many different projects in marketing, business coaching and developing strategies for effective communications. We have been able to execute quickly and directly with our target audience to drive a cause and need. Mary can get you there quickly which in today’s market that is very important. ”
Rajesh Durba

Athlete, Life and Business Strategist, Speaker

Mary’s coaching and techniques took me from being an industry speaker where I spoke about mostly technology, to being a speaker who can command an audience and receive a standing ovation. I would recommend Mary highly to anyone who needs to make a great impression an become a powerful speaker on stage and in life.
Mark Kelly

Astronaut, NASA

Mary Gardner’s enthusiastic and engaging style can turn an ordinary motivational coaching session into something along the lines of being in the locker room with Lou Holtz at half-time down by 7… she makes it all come alive and makes you excited about improving your results. She emphasizes the possibilities and options open to individuals and companies. She believes in the power of potential.
Jamie O’Conner

International Management Group, NY

In Kairos time, my future just appeared before my eyes. It was so unbelievably surreal how Mary took all that I am and have done and launched into the future to where I am going. Thank you Darlin’ for being all that you are!
Julianna Ormond

Author, Speaker and Coach

Mary is a huge talent in a variety of areas. We worked together on a radio project, and she is the consummate professional. She is well-spoken, quick on her feet, driven, and full of ideas. A beautiful, brainy, fun-loving gal, she’s great on camera, whether as a host or spokesperson, and excels at succinctly conveying a message, whether sharing information or making a sell for a product/service. She’s a big people person who is all about dispensing info. to help others. She’s a skilled coach and motivational speaker, and would be an asset to any company or individual hoping to achieve success in their lives, whether personal or professional.

Robin Gorman Newman

Tony Nominated Producer, Love Coach/Author

As a busy professional, I receive hundreds of requests to speak to groups. Mary helped me to organize my thoughts in outlined speech that helps keep me on track and creates impact. She found out my specific needs and worked with me to achieve my professional speaking goals.
Billie Jean King

Tennis Pro, World Team Tennis

Confidence Plus! Utilizing Mary’s training took the edge off which made me more comfortable and thus more confident. Mary doesn’t ‘suggest’ changes or ‘offer advice’ for what a speaker should or may want to implement. She absolutely laser focus nails it! She can see MY story within the big story, She shows you how to take that story framework and then stay on target. My problems were tangents and bunny trails. After one interview I was amazed at the discernment Mary exhibited and how clear my mission became. I am out to change the world. Mary rocked my world so that I can launch out with purpose, poise, and professionalism.
Patsy Gilbert

G-Rated Productions

Mary spoke to us in her capacity as expert on networking, communicating, and public speaking. If you are looking for an inspired and inspiring speaker, Mary Gardner is your top choice. She knows how to engage her audience and tailors her message to make it both relevant and entertaining. Her experience combined with her passion for helping others make her a compelling speaker, coach and workshop leader who can provide an interactive learning experience.

Micha Schwappach, PMP

Siemens Corporation

Your techniques gave me so much confidence as a speaker. It is a whole new world of speaking for me.
Peggy Fleming

Olympic Gold Medalist Ice Skater & ABC Commentator, CA

I highly recommend working with Mary Gardner. There are many words to describe her – Wow, Amazing, Intelligent, Passionate, Energetic – these are but a few. Mary is one of the most personable warm ladies I have met. When she is speaking to you – you have her undivided attention. When you are working with her – you have her committment to excellence and experience guiding you on your path to continued success. If you have the opportunity to work with Mary in whatever capacity, take advantage of this opportunity. You will be happy you did!

Cynthia Blackwell

Keynote Speaker, Author

I just want you to know that I thought Mary was soooo good. She really has energy, can “walk and talk at the same time” and is a pleasure to work with. In the sea of guests that aren’t, she is a refreshing change! Please pass on my delight of working with her on for me.
Lynn Tucker

QVC Host

Mary is one of the most intelligent and resourceful professionals in Orlando. She is as kind as she is brilliant and has raised the bar for all other professionals. I highly recommend Mary Gardner.

Tricia Rupp

Regional Sales Manager at CrowdStrike

I had the unique opportunity to sit in as a guest while Mary spoke to a group of employees at Siemens. I was taken aback by her ability to instantly connect with the group and get everyone engaged and interacting with not only her but with the others in the room. She has an uncanny ability to put people at ease with her warm personality. If you have the chance to work with Mary, consider yourself very lucky.

Matt Masterson

Strategist/Account Director

I have thankfully worked with Mary Gardner for a period of about 6 months. She is a tremendous inspirational force who contributes her positive energy to her clients. Over that time, she helped me understand how to read people better, helped me to improve my interpersonal skills and public speaking. She helped me create a strategy to help increase my business which has steadily grown by several hundred thousand dollars. I would definitely recommend Mary to anyone who wants to improve their personal and business skills!
Peter Michaelson


Mary Gardner is a very unique and inspiring individual. She has the ability to radiate a room with her positive and uplifting perspective. With a don’t quit attitude and the strength to overcome any obstacles placed before her, Mary is a true asset to have anywhere in your organization or life.

Trent Duncan

Film Director

Mary is a very outgoing and enthusiastic individual who has a strong work ethic and presents her company very professionally. Mary’s networking skills are fantastic and she has gone the extra mile to help connect businesses who would complement each other. I would consider Mary to be a leader in her field.

Jackie Lynn

Broker/Owner Residential Real Estate Sales

Your skills, techniques and overall presence created a magnificent forum for all of those attending the seminar. The attendees searched deep within themselves to create possibilities for the future that were untapped before your seminar. You transformed the mindset from the predictable way of being from the past to the exciting world of possibilities in the future.
Rick Gould, CPA

Gould & Co. NYC

In Mary’s seminar we all became one big enthusiastic team. No one was left on the sidelines. Everyone became a part of everyone else’s success and you could feel the energy rising.
Kathleen Kavanaugh

Colgate Palmolive, NYC

I enjoyed your warmth and style, and it was obvious that you brought magic into people’s lives.
Ben Buleri

Tax Consultant, Toms River, NJ

I want to thank you, Mary, for making me look at the way in which I was doing my job. I looked and decided that it was time for a change, a change in the way that I present information and in the way that I present myself. You are truly a remarkable speaker. I feel that anyone can learn something about public speaking from taking or even just attending one of your classes or lectures.
Ken Hartman
Ken Hartman

Benefits Education, State of NJ