My clients come from varied backgrounds. From professional athletes, to CEOs, TV personalities, politicians, physicians, lawyers, sales professionals, executives and business owners; I work with people who are passionate thought-leaders, ready to make an impact.

How Does My Experience Help You?


 Leadership is made up of many characteristics, but did you know that the number one thing that all people want in a leader? They want their leader to be INSPIRING.

As a matter of fact  a recent study of 50,000 leaders who were assessed by approximately a half-million colleagues, strongly confirmed the importance of inspiring leadership. 

Of the 16 leadership competencies that were most frequently measured, it is clearly the one that stands out:` “the ability to inspire creates the highest levels of employee engagement and commitment”.

Working with me as your coach on a weekly basis can transform you into an inspiring leader!

This will help you create change in your culture by inspiring your team to greatness through your daily interactions, your coaching and through your leading of meetings.

Through our weekly coaching, you will have a muse, a friend, and a confidant who can help guide you through the important relationships, messages, and personal branding. We will work together to add anecdotes, personal and other stories, along with massive personality, energy and focus into your weekly and daily interactions. The techniques you will learn will transform your way of being forever, into a more powerful, influential and likeable you!

People will ask HOW you transformed so quickly…and you alone will know, you invested in getting personal coaching from an expert who has lead people from Wall Street, to politics, to the big stage to professional speakers who have made millions of dollars speaking as a direct result of my coaching and consulting!

My background is in media, professional speaking and coaching, talent management, business development, sales and PR. I am able to provide a comprehensive plan for success that involves coaching, consulting and connecting.

Your presentations are only as effective as the audience who receives it, and my extensive experience and my network of professionals may help fast-track you to industry recognition.

Let’s book a call today and get you started becoming the inspiring leader you were destined to be!

What Can We Do Together?

We’re going to get you a standing ovation.

We’re going to transform your leadership and your career.

We’ll get you your dream job or build your personal brand!

People who work with me have similar traits: they want to grow, transition to a new phase in life and use their experiences and passions to inspire others. My clients have heart, value hard work and are fearless in the face of new challenges.

Now, my goal is to create the YOU that you imagine in front of one or in front of a crowd: confident, expressive, charismatic and engaging.

What Can You Expect From Me?

I think quickly, I’m bold and creative in my approach to each individual client.

Through a series of phone calls, virtual video meetings and, where possible, in-person collaborations, I will break through your fears and find your voice.

My job is to bring out the charisma to create the persona you need to take on every stage with success. I will prepare you for the campaign trail, the media interviews, the job or board interview, the keynote speeches, or your pitch positions.