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Mary Gardner is the Founder and CEO of Mary Gardner Communications, LLC based in Winter Park, Florida. She leads a team of dynamic individuals who are also dedicated to the success of our clients. Mary Gardner has been coaching executives, athletes, celebrities and leaders for many years!

This is accomplishied through Coaching, Training, Management Consulting and Public Relations. the company motto is: WE INSPIRE THE INSPIRING.

Webster’s dictionary defines charisma as magnetism, appeal, personality, allure, captivation, charm, oomph, and pizzazz! Mary delivers all of that and more: get ‘MG Inspired!’




Did you know that you are someone’s hero? Did you know that you are the reason someone got out of bed today?

Your life MATTERS. What you SAY matters! And being an inspirational person is IMPORTANT. Its not just your BRAND. It’ s not just about your Social Media campaign and how pithy you are. It’s really how effective you are as a personality! It’s about how you think and it’s about the confidence you display and how you’re able to cultivate people and lead them to success.

You can learn to be an influencer by becoming a better leader and a better motivational speaker. You can grow your personal brand quick in the market place.
r and easier if you’re comfortable in the spotlight and look good and sound good. But you also need the tools to help you execute your brand

That is where Mary comes in. She will help you define who you are as a unique individual with unique offerings. She will help you craft a statement that will engage others and let the world know who you are and what value you bring to others. Then, through her 10 week program, she will help you elevate your own skill level, so you’re attracting those who can pay you for your services.

The 10 week program looks like this:

Week 1 – What is your personal brand?
Week 2- Writing your signature keynote speech
Week 3 – Going for the standing “O”
Week 4 – Letting the world know you’re a speaker
Week 5 – Marketing your business as a speaker

Week 6 – Working with agents and bureaus
Week 7 – Additional income streams for the speaker
Week 8 – Working with meeting planners
Week 9 – Creating your calling card – writing a book
Week 10- Working as a professional speaker

Each week will have a series of trainings to help guide you to completion and they will give you the tools to help you launch as a speaker to promote and enhance your online brand and personality.


Are you tired of being an outsider? Not being comfortable in small talk conversations and feeling left out?

You were born to be an influencer! You have a passion inside of you that is geared to be able to help people, teach people and support people. But maybe you’re shy and take a while to warm up to others. Maybe you have NO idea what to say to people that you don’t know and maybe you’re just not comfortable working with or talking to strangers. Maybe you’re an OPEN BOOK once you know someone, but GETTING to know them, can be a challenge to you!

Or maybe you’re GREAT in the workplace. That’s never a problem to talk with clients and about work issues, but when everyone sits around the conference table before the meetings start, you find yourself on the outside looking in. Maybe you don’t know how to get from here to there.. to become a part of the “TEAM” and enjoying the friendships that a good work environment can bring.

Whatever your barriers to being with the IN crowd, being one of the people who others think of FIRST when they want a group to get together, or are putting a team together, you’re just NOT there.

Relationship building skills in the workplace and building friends in life actually TAKE SKILLS! You are NOT alone! There are SO many, many individuals who suffer from social anxiety, who don’t have the best bed side manors, or just basically have no idea how to get a conversation started.

These skills are NECESSARY in order for you to be your best. And guess what? You’re just a few steps away from learning some skills and some techniques that can open a whole new world of relationship skill building to you.

Take the leap into learning these skills. It can and probably will change your life!

Book Mary To Speak

Communication is the #1 reason why people fail, or succeed.

In this keynote address, Mary will share her insights as to what makes a great communicator. She will share from her experiences of coaching top world renown speakers and executives and the changes they made in order to find success as a great communicator.

Feeling the pressure to be fabulous on stage but you are still fighting fear or just not sure what your core message is?

Or perhaps you’ve been speaking a long time and love it, but now it’s time for you to get serious about it and get some help getting to the next level.

As a former celebrity agent, publicist, professional spokesperson, I’ve had experience with just about everything you’re going through. I KNOW you’re fabulous, and can probably spot your talent and nail a long range plan during our first session. What you have to do is get clear on your core message and get that SIGNATURE KEYNOTE SPEECH written so you can get it out there.

I know how to get you OVER the fear of speaking. Okay, realistically, I’ll teach you how to manage it and deal with it so NO ONE KNOWS you have ANY fear at all. As a fact, many of my clients who were timid now command big bucks for their speaking.

I know that you have dreams and goals and this speaking in person thing is probably in the way for you moving ahead somehow. So whether it’s getting you CLEAR on WHO you are in the world (the term personal brand is SO overused, but you get the point!), or whether you want to tell captivating stories and become a DYNAMO on stage, or learn to engage, connect and build relationships, this is MY WHEEL HOUSE.
You NEED to have someone who can assess your issues quickly, and be able to get you unstuck and get you going in the right new direction. This is what I LOVE to do, and what I can do for YOU.

Email me if you have questions, and I am looking forward to getting to know you and seeing you shine, in your life and in your career!


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