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June 7th - 9th 2024

3 Day Workshop

‘‘Impactful Public Speaking’’

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Scale for Success

Whether you’re a CEO wanting to Retain and Inspire your workforce, or you’re an ASPIRING SPEAKER ready to Inspire on stage, get the proprietary training to amplify your results.  

Ready for Breakthroughs?

The Mary Gardner Inner Circle is the 12 month, Speaker Breakthrough Intensive program designed to develop and grow your business with charisma and purpose.  Build your business with charisma and authenticity, transform your identity in the process.

Transform your Leadership.

Let Mary Gardner be your Guiding Star in refining your leadership style with proven strategies for achieving success!

You’re only one inspirational moment

away from success!

Charisma Culture

Create a Charismatic Presence that compels an audience to take interest and action. Whether you in person or camera, learn how to generate a buzz with your audience that works. Learn to engage online and onstage.

Magnify Your Message

Story Selling

Create your Signature Speech that defines your brand and inspires an audience. Your story matters and is unique to you. The better you can tell your story, the greater the impact. Also known as the Hero’s Journey, it creates that emotional connection to inspire.

Build Your Brand Identity

Speaker Accelerator

Learn from the Top Speaker Agent the secrets to getting onstage, as a guest speaker, as an Industry Expert, on live Broadcast and Cable Media and get booked on Podcasts in your niche and propel your business.

Become Your Own Agent.

Mary Gardner offers

  • Strategic Communication Skills
  • Development of Executive Presence
  • Personal Coaching with Customized Feedback

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Real Clients, Real Results

Mary Gardner has trained 20,000 professionals in her Charisma courses and trainings

Mary has personally coached 20 individuals to a seven figure speaking career

Local and National TV Show appearances

Colleges and Universities where Mary has inspired audiences

As a busy professional, I receive hundreds of requests to speak to groups. Mary helped me to organize my thoughts in outlined speech that helps keep me on track and creates impact. She found out my specific needs and worked with me to achieve my professional speaking goals.

Billie Jean King

Tennis Pro, World Team Tennis

Mary’s coaching and techniques took me from being an industry speaker where I spoke about mostly technology, to being a speaker who can command an audience and receive a standing ovation. I would recommend Mary highly to anyone who needs to make a great impression an become a powerful speaker on stage and in life.

Mark Kelly

Astronaut, NASA

Mary is one of the most intelligent and resourceful professionals in Orlando. She is as kind as she is brilliant and has raised the bar for all other professionals. I highly recommend Mary Gardner.

Tricia Rupp

Founder/President, Project Wings USA, Inc.

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