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How to Speak Like a Leader

Leadership is made up of many characteristics, but did you know that the number one thing that all people want in a leader? They want their leader to be INSPIRING.

But what makes an inspiring leader? Do you know?

In her keynote, Mary reveals the tangible and the intangible inner workings of an inspiring leader.  From being able to be a great collaborator, to encouraging individuals to improve upon their skills, to using words that motivate, Mary will captivate and challenge the audience to become the INSPIRING LEADER! 

How to Speak so Men will Listen

It is no secret that men and women have entirely different modes of communication. The differences may be subtle but can dramatically change and alter the way men in business perceive you.

Have you had the experience where you were ghosted by men in a business transaction?

Have the men you work with suddenly disappear from doing business with you? Have they gotten frustrated with you?

Do you believe you are talking too much so they tune out, or you feel you need to correct this behavior? Would it help you to learn how to speak differently so they respect and value your opinion?

Mary has solid, tried and true tips for you and your team to gain success with men in business. In her lighthearted and fun yet direct way, Mary will guide your audience to understanding the need to transform your communication, so each can be successful when communicating with men.

Your careers may depend on it!

Do you Need to Inspire and Motivate with Your Audience?