VIP DAY with Mary

In order for you to be referred a lot of business, you have to be clear of who you are in the market place and of your personal brand.  You have to be an excellent presenter. The difference between a good speaker and a speaker worthy of a standing ovation is slight. I can get the standing ovation out of YOU.

1. Find your Purpose in Life from this Moment Forward

We will start by doing a strategy session to determine where your future best work will be. What is your purpose in life NOW and how do we work together to achieve those goals?  What have you wanted to do and haven’t done? Let’s figure this out!
(Value – Indescribable happiness, peace, fulfillment, joy and SUCCESS= Invaluable)

2. Develop your Personal Brand.

Find your personal voice in the clutter of the marketplace.  This will be developed into a personal brand.  Your brand identity will fit your authentic self, and also help you fit into where you are heading as an influencer.   This may include a personal make over.

3. Create a Signature Keynote Speech- before or during the VIP day

In our work together, we can craft a Signature Keynote Speech Outline. This is a combination of you, your experiences, in your voice and your business and success philosophy.  You can provide me with your written speeches, your books, and videos.  I then interview and put together an outline.  We then work together to convert it into a transformative presentation that will enhance the lives of your audiences world-wide. Your signature story will have memorable personal stories embedded in the audience designed to allow the audience to feel a special connection with you.
(We can practice your signature keynote on the VIP day)

4. Presentation coaching

We will focus on you on stage. From the second you walk onto the stage, thank whoever introduced you, to addressing the audience powerfully to starting your presentation.
Many micro movements will be addressed: from your body language to your facial expressions, to your tone of voice to the pace of speech you use. I will share with you how to use your hands to be expressive, and how to OWN the stage by walking, standing or pivoting. 

You becoming secure and confident on stage takes practice so this day is FULL of  me saying, “let’s start it again and do “this” instead” and we’ll find what works for YOU. 

My goal is for you to become the best version of YOU, and not to mimic any other person on the planet. 

5. Personal business & speech coaching

You might be going through a major life transition so anything else is on the table for this day of coaching. 

This VIP day is completely transformative, and will alter the way others see you on stage and leading meetings forever. If you want to change your career and leadership fast, let’s discuss you coming to Orlando for a VIP day with Mary! 

Your “VIP DAY” is a FULL day retreat style program focused on you.

Personal exclusive coaching to “Nail The Presentation”



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