Media Inquiries

Mary Gardner is a professional public speaking coach and public relations specialist.

She is available as an expert guest to speak to media on the following topics and more:

1. Using Charisma to Capture and Captivate
2. First impression – how to make a great one
3. The greeting – to shake or not to shake and how to shake; greeting a friend – cheek kiss, hug, or kiss-kiss?
4. How can you become likeable
5. Small talk with a new acquaintance
6. How young women can appear powerful in business
7. Body language tips for success
8. Personality traits that create warmth in relationships
9. Successful in business but bad at dinner parties and social situations… help!
10. Developing the “It” factor
11. You have a cause and you want the world to know! What is it – what would you do?12. Mary can pretty much banter on any topic related to people and business!!!