Mary Gardner is a professional public speaking coach, personal branding specialist and public relations specialist.

Mary Gardner is available to speak to media on the following topics:

1. Branding yourselves as celebrities in today’s economy.
2. Dealing with sticky conversations – how to do it tactfully
3. Standing out from the crowd in a crowded job pool
4. Presenting yourself in a job interview
5. Building self confidence in ourselves
6. First impression – how to make a great one
7. Personality traits that create warmth in relationships
8. Exercises to create energy in your lives
9. How can you become likeable
10. Small talk with an acquaintance;
11. Create your innovative Self: Creativity tips to energize your life, work
12. Developing the “It” factor
13. Body language tips for success
14. Repacking yourself or reinventing yourself!
15. The greeting – to shake or not to shake and how to shake ;greeting a friend – cheek kiss, hug, or kiss-kiss?
16. I’m totally comfortable in business settings, but put me in a social situation
17. Breaking out of your social class.. what you need to know
18. Self marketing.. and becoming the brand YOU
19. Losing a friend or how to defriend – minimize the people who drain you
20. Developing Charisma- dynamic personality traits
21. Building your own leadership style- how to lead projects
22. How young women can appear powerful in business
23. You have a cause and you want the world to know! What is it –  what would you do
24. You need a job, what steps should you take
25. Handling stress when the world is in chaos
26. How to start living your dream now without money, connections or time