I was ready. I needed a new challenge and had known it for quite some time.

I knew I was bored,  and my skills were not being tested on a daily basis… but what was it, I wondered?

As a columnist for the Orlando Business Journal, I regularly was invited to the Full Sail University’s public and private events.  I always went full of anticipation because I learned that the events were always done up right, with  millions of extra surprises at every turn.

I had been looking into online universities to update my skills, but during that time, kept visiting Full Sail.  Finally, on a job board, I saw a post that looked interesting, and applied.  I never heard back!

So, as any resourceful person, I contacted my childhood friend there who was now a Vice President and asked her to present my resume.  In turn, she invited me to an open house the school has. That was where I officially became blown away by the school, it’s mission and where it was headed!

I decided right there to find a job at Full Sail. I found the creative people I always enjoyed hanging with and they found a way to make money at it!  I happened to run into the President of the University and introduced myself. He invited me to his office, and the rest is history.   I interviewed several places on campus and settled in at the admissions office.

I’ve now been there for about 6 weeks and couldn’t be more happy. The culture, the people, the job and the opportunity were exactly what I needed.  A new challenge, with dynamic people,  and working on a team who genuinely want to inspire people to be their best!

So if you’re looking for something new.. GO FIND IT! It probably won’t come knocking at your door. Try new things. Go to events. Show up and TALK.  Introduce yourself, and be open.

You just might find something new.. and even better than you could  have hoped!!!