It’s a great word isn’t it? For some of us it conquers up images of a weight lifter in the gym in the powerlifting mode. For others, it creates a vision of the Wall Street executive or a well-known politician.  Money usually means power, so celebrities are often thought of as well.

But what about in your OWN life? Do you have POWER?

Is it something you seek? Or do you shy away?

This morning in spin class I didn’t feel much power. Our darling instructor was pushing us to increase our resistance more and more. Unfortunately, it left me feeling anything BUT powerful! I felt like a weakling, as the resistance was just a bit too much for me at the level I’m at currently.  But, when I then transitioned to the pool and put on the hand paddles, and did some butterfly sprints, I was feeling quite great!  Then, I showed one of my fellow swimmers that in order to gain MORE power over time, to use the hand paddles, for extra resistance and that when you build up, you’ll FEEL stronger!

So, I didn’t feel power on the bike, but I felt it in the pool.

But what about LIFE?

A few months ago I jumped into business for myself again.  I wasn’t feeling that what I did had much connection with where I lived and knew that I needed to be in a position of power and strength if I was going to do what I do well.  I coach and teach for a living, and because I’m in a niche that is better suited for LA or NYC, I had to create RELATIONSHIPS that were going to give me the POWER that I needed to get to the next level.

Relationship building is DEFINITELY a POWER MOVE for any of us.  Have you considered that there is some ONE right NOW that could make a call on your behalf that would literally change EVERYTHING for you? In absolutely ONE call, you could make a sale, get a new job, create an opportunity, bring a product to market, get a loan, raise the money you need, or literally get ANYTHING that you want! ?

What about if you are at a restaurant and you need the waiter to bring you water? Who has the power how? The waiter!  They have what you WANT.

What about the new mommy who is trying to catch a few winks but her baby is crying up a storm! Who is the powerful one then?  The baby is the one who gets what he/she wants of course!

So, no more shrinking from POWER. It’s a good thing and all of us have it sometimes and other times we don’t.  And of course it can be abused. If you’re living with a TV we’ve all heard about the abuse of power from the police to fraternities to the military.  But these are the exceptions, and NOT the rules.

We’re focusing on GOOD power!

Putting POWER behind your workouts is going to make you STRONGER.   You can use the tools to create resistance, push your legs and arms more, and extend the time of your workout!

Putting power behind your day means exerting yourself MORE and trying HARDER to accomplish what is on your list for the day. It’s denying yourself so you get it all done. It’s speaking extra time, making the extra call, or turning off social media so you can meet a client!

Putting POWER into your social relationships means that when you show up you have something exciting to share, new jokes to tell, and have figured out a plan for you to enjoy your friends more.

Putting POWER into your mate means knowing their LOVE language, it means knowing HOW to make them feel special, and then DOING that as often as you can. Putting power into this special person means focusing on them, and making them KNOW that they are the ONE.

Putting POWER into your KIDS means PRAYING for them that they’ll be safe, knowing WHO they’re hanging out with and WHAT they’re up to after hours. It means spending time listening to them, being with them, and even (OH NO..) doing what they want to do.. like play video games? (okay.. calling myself out on that one.. I’m not a fan but my son is.. so guess what?? I’m gonna try it!)

What else?

Putting  POWER into your thought life means PROCLAIMING your GRATITUTE OUT LOUD and OFTEN. It means visualizing yourself where you want to go, and reading materials that uplift your spirit.  It means PRAISE and GRATITUDE when you can, and not just at church.

Power is a good thing. It’s intensity. It’s focus. It’s electric. And it’s YOU.

IS it YOU today though? Can it be you? Do you want it to be you?
Living FULL out every day, is a POWERFUL way to live.

It’s exciting, and making the decision to live this way will drive anyone from being stuck to success.

So get the engine revved up!  You’re about to take off!

So zoom on with that extra energy, the pep in your step, and ramp up with exuberance and ENTHUSIASM!

You Got ‘Da POWER!

And it feels SOOOOO good!