Have you ever wondered how you were going to keep your sales team motivated day after day, month after month, and year after year? After the team is consistent with making quota and doing a great job with their customers, how do you get them to continue reaching for the stars and continue to stay motivated?

Yesterday I was in the office with a new sales team that I’m coaching. I sat with the sales manager for quite some time and quickly uncovered a few glaring areas that are standing in the way of this team moving forward. Because this team has been doing things the same way for several years, they didn’t have fresh eyes to see where they could be saving some time and making more money.

In this down economy, they’re having a tough time getting on the phone to make cold calls and have seen companies cancel contracts to save money. Because they’re experiencing this rejection, it’s tarnishing the real amazing benefits that their company offers others, which is the ability to MAKE money and to SAVE time. They’ve been focused on the wrong things emotionally, so what we’re implementing are a few things in the very short term that can get this team back in the saddle, feeling the love for their products and services once again.

We’re setting up a conference call with a few customers who are in love with this company. They’re satisfied customers who are regularly using the products and services but don’t have the need to be on the phone with the sales team anymore. They’ve moved way beyond a regular sale at this point. They’re customers who are content with the company. So, we’re going to get the whole sales team on the phone with a few customers and get a conversation going to hear the stories how the products have been used and integrated into their businesses. It may sound like they’re preaching to the choir, but not really. They’ll be motivating this team, and to remind them, that they represent an awesome company and product and group of services.

Next, we’re having a sales contest! This contest is a short term, one week contest focused on outgoing calls. I call them CONNECTION CALLS which mean they’re at least 2 minutes a piece. This is plenty of time for a connection to take place and for the sales pro to get a bit of information.. either a new name, a referral or a bit of information that will help them develop a relationship with the right people.

The award will be a night in a hotel and dinner for two. When I originally presented this idea to the CEO, he didn’t think that something so small would motivate this seasoned team who can easily afford this on their own. But what he doesn’t understand is that this will be a FREE Trip! And even the celebrities who are multi millionaires love getting free stuff! Everyone does!

So, we’re off and running. The coaching has breathed some fresh air into this team by reconnecting them with the happy customers and by bringing about a short term and fun contest. In just in one or two short sessions, this team is getting their juices flowing and gaining the excitement once again.

For a coach, this is where the excitement starts to build. When you see enthusiasm returning to a team that has been a bit stale, you know you’re on the right track! It’s exciting to see, because you know, that right around the corner, that calls will be made with a fresh new attitude… and that with all of that positive energy, that sales are lurking right around the corner!

Go get ‘em guys!!! I’m cheering you on!!!