Have you ever thought about what your perfect day would look like? Have you ever sat down and written about it? If you haven’t, can you imagine what that day might look like?

I think many of us would allow our minds to wander off to the islands with a Tiki bar and be able to nurse a drink or two that might have a swirly umbrella in it! But if we’re also honest, if we’re the ambitious type that really wants to get the MOST out of life, we’ve dreamed about those perfect work days, when we’re in the flow, the job gets done, we make a great sale or deal, and have an awesome time in the process.

Last night I felt like I was on top of the world. It was one of those PERFECT days at work where my new client and I just JELLED. In my role as a coach I have to be ON 100% of the time, and this particular client does NOT like to slow down. It was awesome to have such electrical energy in the room as we crafted his speech and brought in the likability, vulnerabilitly the laughter and the emotion. THroughout the day, I laughed at his stories, I cried at his stories, and we created magic with our efforts.

The nature of my business is pretty personal, so I do get to know my clients extremely well. I hear all about their childhoods, their mentors, their role models and their mistakes. I see them bring up things they’d never want to discuss, I’ve seen them blush and I’ve seen them also tear up at the thought of something that moved them. At the end of one of my Intensive Executive Work outs, which is a full day of ENERGY SPENT on the client, we’re both usually POOPED. I will usually hit the gym, the Y and swim or veg out in front of the TV.

Not last night. Last night I had my women’s mastermind group which gets together once a month. It was “girls night out”. But because I had a super cool client in town, I quickly called in some of the male business associates of one of of the gals and we made it a party!

It was about half way through the evening when I looked around the table at these incredibly intelligent, well rounded, super fun people, that I realize absolutely HOW important these friends are to me at this juncture in my life. I’m an entreprener, running a business and work some long hours. We all do that if we want success of course. But what made this so amazing, was that the conversation flowed from one person running 100 mile endurance race in June, to one of the guys shared his training schedule up until July when he climbs Kilimanjaro! That was off set by another one of the guys offering up the fact that he is going for the world record of the LEAST amount of miles and training ever done in a life time…. we all had a laugh at that.

My friends have written books, have run non profits that improved the world, made millions for themselves and other people. They’re attractive, and joyful and genuinely happy for others when they succeed.

Last night, I realized that I have handpicked some amazing people to be my friends. I am absolutely HONORED to be their friend, and I am bound and determined to always be the type of person who DESERVES to be their friend. I want to be the person that motivates and inspires them and I will do the work necessary to keep myself in a good place so they have confidence in me as a friend.

I realized that I wasn’t always so selective. I realize that in years past, I did have friends who possibly weren’t as driven to succeed, or as highly protective with their time or their reputations. I realize that I have spent much time with people who wasted their time with frivilous activities or damaging habits. Now, I just ask myself.. Do I want to be like them? If the answer is YES, then I intentionally schedule more time. If the answer is NO, then I just don’t make it a priority to see them as much or at all.

What about you? Are your friends individuals who you truly admire? Are they people who challenge you and make you excited about moving forward or improving in your life? I have found every once in a while, it’ s time to do Spring cleaning when it comes to your social circle. Clean out the ones who don’t bring you forward in some way, or that you don’t find that you admire quite as much as you used to. Sweep them out and create space for new, more improved friends and associates you can now get to know.

Friend can elevate us. Or allow us to diminsh our power in the world. The choice is ours.