Glam it up Every Now and Again

Do you remember a time when you had a special event to go to, so you spent time pouring through magazines to find the right look, hair style, jewelry and accessories? Then you finally went shopping to find the right dress, the right makeup, the right shoes, and handbag. Finally, you were ready to put the puzzle together. You spend the day getting your hair done, your nails, pedicure.. the works!!! And the night of the event, you step out and there you are.. the beauty you were meant to be!

No wonder most of us don’t look like the Hollywood Glam Girls! Their whole world is dedicated to their looks, but the rest of us know.. IT TAKES TIME!!!

This past weekend I had a ball to attend. I knew that I had a couple of dresses in my closet so I wasn’t overly worried. Yet on the day before the event, I pulled out the dresses and DISASTER STRUCK! Nothing fit! And the one dress that DID fit had a stain on the front of the dress!!! Intuitively, I knew that I was going to have to be creative with my outfits, and figured, “why worry about it.. no one is going to care what I wear!”

But.. next out came the Spanx; and now it was time for a little creativity! I ran to the craft store to see if I could doctor up the dress any way with sequins and finally used the home dry cleaning kit which cleaned up the stain. I jumped in the car and ran up to a store on Park Avenue that sells the most fun “bling” I know, and purchased an enormous ring that says: I’m the QUEEN for the day… and a bracelet that make me feel glamorous. I redid my nails, put on a fake tan, and spent most of the time straightening my now somewhat curly hair.

Finally, the look came completely together when we popped over to some friends’ house and in the closet I spied tome Mink Stoles. I whispered a possible.. “do you think I can wear….” And my friend JUMPED in to offer me the perfect antique shoulder stole. It was beautiful!

Now, with about a half an hour to doll up, I got to work! I already looked different with my hair straightened, so I focused in on making my eyes pop. The fake tan gave me a healthy look.. and before I knew it, I was transformed!!

When I stepped out to see my parents who were there to baby, they were WOWED. The outfit was really spectacular, and most importantly, I felt beautiful!!!

The funny thing is, is that I dress for success every day at work. But I don’t have the time to put into myself that I did for this event. I’m a full time working mom, and don’t have an hour a day to do my fake tan, and all of the extras that it takes to look as good as I can. Yet, I have to admit, it was FUN and I am SO glad I did it!

What it’s given me is the jump start to knowing that how we FEEL is an important component in how we ACT. The night I was made up, I acted like a Queen and was treated like royalty. Its given me confidence to know that even thought I’m not in the shape I want to be, that I’m not that far away.. and I know I can get there.

How many of us miss the opportunities that are presented to us because we don’t FEEL the part? How many times to we give up before we event attempt to try? We know we can’t get to where we want to go, so we just don’t start the process to get there.

I learned this weekend. JUMP IN. Move towards what which what you want… and do what you can within your power and then have faith that God will take care of the other special details along the way.

So go for it, glam up your life, accept that opportunity, and say YES, even though you have nothing to wear and don’t feel prepared! You might just find, your 1940s glam mink stole, just right around the corner!