Hi Mary

Thank you so much for your email.  It is quite weird and spooky because yesterday I was approached by somebody to get involved in a project that has a sense of being part of something global and is quite similar to the project mentioned in your email.  Only that I my children are not old enough to give me grandchildren yet! Thank god!

I am glad that you got in touch because many months ago I got in touch with you about one of your ezine articles that I stumbled across whilst searching for inspiration on google and I found you.  I sent you an email and to my surprise you responded promptly with some good sound advice.  Well I wanted to share with you that it was a real turning point for me in terms of my whole existence and what I am here to do.  There have been a few people that I need to thank for my personal journey and I am starting with you.

Because of you and your advice, I started my business and it is growing daily and it feel like I am really doing what comes naturally and what I am good at networking and connecting people.  I would like to say that you are part of who I am and what my business is today and will become in the future for sharing your experience and wealth of knowledge all of which you have made it possible for me to live my dream.  As you can see I have started a social networking site and I have a blog and people are constantly getting in touch with me to host events for me and my group of ladies.  I would love some feedback so if you can spare some of your time to take a look, please do and any feedback would be great. I have done it all using the meetup platform and my blog is typepad.  Everyday I do a little something on it and when I have some money I will work on a website.  So watch out, I already have ideas for a book!!

In the meantime, I thank you for your generosity and time, because I know that we are all very busy people, but I am grateful that you took the time to send me that email that day.

So before I sound really gushy about this.  I will just say a massive, huge THANK YOU.  I have told people about you and although you are a million miles away from me as I live in London, you really are a true inspiration to me.

Tracy Reid



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E:  info@stilettomillionaires.com

W: www.StilettoMillionaires.com

Meetup Networking Group : www.meetup.com/stiletto-millionaires