Trying to innovate? Recapture your popularity locally or grow your presence in the new global market place?

Do you ever feel like you’re galloping with a pack of horses heading to California during the Gold Rush? You have a dream of getting somewhere fast and hope to hit the mother load when you get there, but you often stall because there are so many decisions that it’s overwhelming?  Most of us recognize that there are so many new ways of marketing that you sometimes we all end up frustrated!

I had the distinct pleasure of seeing the new Publisher and CEO of the Orlando Sentinel speak this week at our local Chamber of Commerce. Nancy Meyer has been at the Sentinel for about 6 months and has been charming audiences and people all over our fine city. She comes from the North east and was brought here not only to help ramp up our city’s beloved newspaper but to help educate the public on the papers’ progress and vision for the future.

She shared with us the challenge that all news media has faced over the past several years. They’re transferring over to social media and digital and losing their subscriptions for the paper delivery. They’re also re-educating their staff to utilize social media as well as answer the needs of the market place that merge the old with the new.  It’s a tough row to hoe and many understand that they’ve taken a major hit in their profit center. On the flipside, they are growing and hiring new staff to accommodate new lifestyle magazines, new initiatives of bloggers from the community and they are busy creating alliances with other media outlets like a local TV Station.

One of the slides she put up was a great example of what all of us are trying to do!  We’re all trying to reach the community who may buy from us, in as many different platforms as possible.

As an emerging internet entrepreneur I took notes on this particular slide when she shared the many different avenues that they’re pursuing and realized, that as an entrepreneur, I am doing the same things!

The big newspapers are now driving a lot of the online news by keeping reporters on the ground and columnists in tune with the local communities. As reporters they are expected to be precise, factual and provide cutting edge information. It has to be unique and relative.  As an entrepreneur, I have found that the same formula works for my business and the business people and companies where I consult.  We all have to be cutting edge and unique in order to be noticed in a very noisy marketplace. I don’t carry the burden of having to have exact facts on every story, mainly because my own brand is inspirational. However, experts who are sharing information that are fact oriented need to take this aspect as seriously as the news media attempts to!

Another area the Orlando Sentinel continually addresses is a question. They constantly ask themselves,  (which should prompt us all to continually ask): WHO AM I and WHAT AM I KNOWN FOR OR WANT TO BE KNOWN FOR? This can help us focus our efforts in a very busy world.

Nancy discussed the many venues of trafficking information that currently goes from the mobile devices to websites, briefed us on all of the social media outlets (which can be connected, ) to educating us on their efforts of email marketing, videos, new products and services, SEO, free content, and live events.  It’s a combination of many avenues that churn out the same high level brand of information. The concept is then people come to trust the organization or the individual who is continuing to provide excellent content.

I believe for the small business entrepreneurs, a great piece of advice that I clung onto were that big organizations are creating affiliate relationships that drive the audience to both parties. This is a superb  concept for all entrepreneurs. Ask yourself, who do you need on staff to help your business grow? Can you create a mutually beneficial relationship with an organization with the intention of you sharing leads and working together to create business?

The new global market is creating new ways of doing business. I have discovered that by reading about customer service, innovation and magazines like Fortune, Entrepreneur, Inc. And Fast Company, are great places to pick up cutting edge ideas. Additionally, joining into Webinars with the National Entrepreneur Center, or others who offer webinars, is a great way to continue the education and creative process. Just being in the presence of others striving for change and innovation can be the key to some solid success.

It’s a busy time for everyone in business. We are all educating ourselves on the new ways of doing business, globally, and enhancing our reputations locally. Charge forward with a pioneer spirit with the commitment to continually meet the market demands with a flair and tenacity!

It truly is the Wild Wild West all over again. Let the giants do the research and apply what they’ve learned to your own business.

Thank you Orlando Sentinel and Nancy Meyer! We can all benefit from your vast experience and example!

Giddy up!???