Okay guys, you know I’ve been into motivation for a long time. But it’s been years since I’ve seen a product that has literally swept a nation like the one that I’m about to tell you about has. Many of you at this point have seen this movie or you happened to see several of the people in the movie on Larry King last week.

I first heard of the movie, The Secret in one of my coaching classes at Coach U a few months ago. Someone mentioned that you could see it on line or order it so I visited the website and thought it looked interesting. I didn’t purchase it at that time but was hoping that I could find someone who had the movie and borrow it from then. Less than a month later, a friend of mine mentioned the movie and I jumped at the opportunity to see it.

I watched the movie over and over and what began to happen in my life was mind boggling. I’ve always known about the concept of the Law of Attraction, but I didn’t always put it into work. The concept is that you first must know what you want, then visualize it, and then take the jump or leap of faith and start feeling like you have it and live in a place of complete gratitude for what you have attracted. That’s the hardest part, but the movie describes how our thoughts are sent into the universe with vibrations and that we’re like a magnet, so we get back what we put out there, for good or for bad.

I started thinking about my TV show that I’ve wanted to host and produce for so long. Within a matter of 1-2 days I received an email from a former executive at a very large production studio in Orlando, requesting that I be linked into his contact base through the internet networking tool. I checked out his other contacts and they were very prominent people in the world of TV. I wrote to this guy and asked if he was SURE he wanted to be linked to me because I was now doing speaking and coaching and wanted to do TV but didn’t have a show right now. He wrote back and suggested we get together for coffee. That meeting has now launched my TV pitch which we’re doing together in January.

Days later, I received an email from my former boss who would be in town although he probably didn’t have time to get together. I suggested a time and low and behold, the time worked out. Within a week, I was now sitting down with one of the top celebrity agents in our country. My show happens to be a celebrity driven show.

Out of the blue, a few days ago, I received a call from a friend who I used to work with at QVC. He and his wife now live in Florida and work with HSN and were looking for TV hosts, contacts, etc. I happen to be traveling to Tampa in a week on my TV tour and promised to call so we can get together.

So many coincidences! I didn’t have to reach out to these people at all. They contacted me. That is the highly unusual part of the whole thing. It was created by my intense belief that this is what I’m supposed to be doing and I’m excited about it and I know that I’m supposed to live my dream.

At this point, there is a convention happening in DC for cable companies and I’m feeling like I should be there with my production team. I’m now considering fund raising, to share my vision for my show and allow them to help me produce this show. It’s a show that will help millions of people and I know that I’m the one to host this show.

Other things are happening, but these are the ones that are happening the fastest. Life is getting more and more exciting, and I’ve now told tons and tons of people about the movie called THE SECRET.
The movie is available at http://www.thesecret.tv/ for $29 and it’s worth every penny. I’ve watched it several times and I’ve ordered one for me now and have bought it for a few people for Christmas. I believe our whole world would change if people would watch and apply the secrets learned in The Secret.

Please email me if you order the film and let me know what sorts of miracles start turning up in your life. I’m excited to know that each of us has a mission and a purpose that drives our dreams and that we are here to serve the world in that capacity. Mine is to do a TV show that will help people get connected to God, to build their self esteem and to help others in the process. But that’s just one of the ways that I’ll do my purpose of helping people. My true role here, as with any of us, is to love and to serve. I just happen to love the venue of Television.

May God bless you on your search and when you watch The Secret, you’ll see what I mean. I can’t wait for your miracles to happen and for your dreams to be brought forth to reality. It is an exciting time. A truly rewarding and exciting time.