The world has changed. Stress abounds and as a result, relationships, families and marriages are affected. Inevitably, relationships suffer.

Challenges and difficulties affect everyone differently. Often times we carry around the stress in our moods. We’re moody and don’t know why. Often times we’re rushing through life so fast we haven’t taken time to slow down to even process events that happen. Sometimes, as caretakers of kids and families, we are just physically drained.

Other times, unresolved issues from childhood and beliefs we developed, conduct how we live our lives. If we had an overly dominant parent, we may view people in authority with distrust. This simple attitude may cloud relationships that otherwise could have been productive in our lives.

Studies show that our own health is affected by our emotional baggage. Blood pressure can be elevated, physical symptoms of disease manifest, and our immune systems break down.

The grace and gratitude workshop can be the breakthrough in people’s lives that they need! It’s the chance to evaluate their life in a positive way and to take past hurts, turn them around to see them in a new and different, more positive way.

In this workshop:

  • Determine childhood events that defined your life
  • Revaluate the situations to make them work for you
  • Assess current relationships which are bothersome
  • Practice the step of forgiveness and freedom
  • Create a new story for the “dark clouds” in your life
  • Begin to see your life in a different way
  • Choose to act to serve others to experience joy
  • This workshop can be the start of the participants living a new life of freedom and joy. And while this workshop can address serious issues and relationships in life, the participants coach each other through. Conversation abounds and is fun and full of energy.
    Here is a recent comment:
    ”We feel especially grateful to have found you and heard your story. It effected me personally and has me considering why I eat the way I do…..I feel a big change coming on.” Carolyn – Orlando Fl