I have thankfully worked with Mary Gardner for a period of about 6 months. She is a tremendous inspirational force who contributes her positive energy to her clients. Over that time, she helped me understand how to read people better, helped me to improve my interpersonal skills and public speaking. She helped me create a strategy to help increase my business which has steadily grown by several hundred thousand dollars. I would definitely recommend Mary to anyone who wants to improve their personal and business skills!


I wanted to drop you a line with regard to your work as President of the Coaches Certification Institute on behalf of our firm. It is hard to put into words how much your advice and positive suggestions have done for our firm. Your presence and your positive coaching style certainly are helping our office elevate to a higher level of performance.

As you know, being a trial attorney we are constantly looking for new ways to improve our current position in the legal community. We spend our days speaking to juries and individuals who must be impressed with our presence and use of the English language. Based on your recommendations, suggestions, and other positive support reinforcement, we are committed to moving forward on our newly revised goals for 2001.

I wish you continued success in your chosen field, and I am happy that I will not to have to face you in a courtroom as an adversary. I am sure the jury would find any argument of yours compelling. If at any time you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact my office and again, it has been a great pleasure working with you and, I look forward to an ongoing relationship with you and your organization.

Very truly yours,
Jay A. Hebert, Esquire
Hebert Law Group, P.A.

This letter is in reference to my coaching experience with Mary Gardner. May in one word is Exceptional. She is wise beyond her years with incredible insight and intuition. My experience working with Mary was not limited to just Career/Business it also fell into “Life Skills.” I met Mary after I had just sold my business. I needed a Coach to help me find a new direction. Since I am too young to sit around and watch the market all day I needed someone with high level experience to coach me with hard life decisions. Mary’s gift of instinct and intuition have helped me enormously! I have attended the Anthony Robbins seminars and several others in the personal development arena including Dale Carnegie. In all cases I have found Mary’s teachings to be at or above the level of any of these other highly successful organizations. One of the things I respected most about Mary is that she does her homework. Every Coaching session was full of valuable well researched information that pertained to our discussions. Her enthusiasm is infectious. Mary is not afraid to give hard advice that we must hear in order for us to get to where we need to be. This past summer I was able to watch Mary at one of her live training sessions. She was Phenomenal! Her crowd was not an easy one at all. She is the next Leza Gibbons except improved. Her presence in front of a crowd was as if she had been training with all of the top talk show hosts and took the best from each of them. If you get the opportunity to work with Mary at any level I would ighly recommend it. She has helped me in my work and has inspired me to push beyond my own limits both professionally and personally.

John Lauth

“Mary Gardner’s enthusiastic and engaging style can turn an ordinary motivational coaching session into something along the lines of being in the locker room with Lou Holtz at half-time down by 7…she makes it all come alive and makes you excited about improving your results. She emphasizes the possibilities and options open to individuals and companies. She believes in the power of potential.”

Jamie (Tell) O’Conner,
former director of the speakers bureau
International Management Group (IMG), NYC

I first met Mary Gardner about a year ago at a seminar that she was presenting on coaching. I was sufficiently impressed with her that when I started to coach shortly thereafter, I was quick to engage her as a mentor. Since then she has become my personal coach and friend.

I simply cannot say enough about Mary. She is brilliant, highly experienced, extremely well read and graciously resourceful. She has, on occasion, provided me with valuable references as well as introductions to people prominent in the field.

However, the best things that I can say about Mary involve her personal coaching! She has managed to bring me, a former engineer turned psychotherapist, out of semi-retirement and into a new life as a coach and seminar presenter! She has done all this without any overt direction but, rather, by simply asking me a series of pertinent questions. Moreover, she has assisted me in the obtaining of formalized training via an enrollment in COACHU and local seminars.

Additionally, her skills are even more evident when she provides mentoring! Other than when I ask purely procedural questions, she does not give any overt direction. She prefers, rather, to deal with the questions that come up in the course of my practice. Here again, she is inclined to support, validate and endorse my efforts, where possible, while asking me a series of pertinent questions, the answers to which challenge me to continue on further, and now, in a possibly improved direction!

To date, I have taken no less than nine courses and have attended the International Coach Federation conference in Scottsdale , Arizona . However, I feel that the vast majority of my training has, thus far, come from Mary, whom I consider a master coach!

Joseph Sibilla
Personal Coach

“It has been my pleasure to know and work with Mary Gardner for several years. I have come to have the highest regard for her knowledge, professionalism, and integrity. She has proven again and again to adhere to the highest industry standards. She is also well informed on the issues and emerges as a leader.

I have recommended Mary to several speakers and professionals who I felt would benefit from Mary’s guidance and coaching. I have used Mary’s expertise in both my public relations firm and my speakers bureau.

I also know Mary personally. She is a person of high ethics. She is successful because on a personal level she is honest and fair. Her personal qualities have always complimented and been compatible with her professional qualities. She is very well thought of among her colleagues and friends. I have heard her competitors complement Mary on numerous occasions. I cannot think of a higher recommendation.”

Libbie Johnson
Johnson-Powell Public Relations Inc. and
Johnson-Powell Lecture Group