I am so sick of seeing so called experts in the media say that overdosing on Vitamin C doesn’t work!! I’m living proof, and so is my husband who have been doing this to battle every sniffle or upper respiratory thing that comes along.

I love the ones at Whole Foods, the chewable wafers that taste like candy. They have Passion Fruit, Peach or they have a Blueberry, Blackberry one that is just as good. I take them all through out the day. Each wafer is 500 mg and the cold or the sniffle or whatever it is, is gone within hours.

Last year I had cold after cold after cold. This year, I’ve fought them all this way and haven’t had one cold.

I just had to say this, in the midst of cold season.. get these yummy vitamin C’s and you’ll be enjoying the winter instead of suffering from it!!