foodTonight I was at the Y working out and overheard a couple of women next to me talking about all of their aches and pains. One of them had an ache in their neck, another in their knee and she had arthritis. Having my own pains here and there and living with them long enough until I was able to find answers, I had to blurt out, “I know how you can get some relief”, almost without knowing what I was going to say!

Both women looked at me with a little bit of “excuse me?” look, but then I proceeded to tell them how blue green algae is an anti inflammatory and how magnets can be used for pain. I explained how my husband was able to heal his torn rotator cuff by using some energy magnet medicine by Nikken, a company in which I’m representing. I shared that my son sleeps on a magnet mattress and the day after we added the magnet mattress and water filter system, the teacher asked in disbelief, “WHAT HAPPENED?? He was a different child and SO focused!”

By this time, the ladies were asking for specific names and asked for my email and my phone number which I freely gave. I’ve learned that people are incredibly open to receiving help from strangers, even if they didn’t know they really wanted it!

When I listen to myself talk, I have to admit, I’ve finally learned a thing or two about healthy living. I know that I started on this journey several years ago, but am getting more and more serious about it. I’m finding I don’t have the patience for any aches and pains, and realize that there is a cause and effect for every single thing. If my pinky is swollen up, then I realize, I must have eaten too much sugar. If I have a symptom like my arms falling asleep, then I know that I digested gluten somewhere along the way.

I’m starting to recognize the symptoms in others. When someone has dark circles under their eyes, I ask them if they have checked what food sensitivities they have? If someone has eczema, I ask if they’ve heard about how gluten in the diet can cause skin issues? More than once, I’ve gone up to individuals with severe acne and given them my vitamin formula that knocks out even the toughest form of acne!

The interesting and exciting thing is that there is SO much to learn about healthy living. I will never know everything, but I’m learning many things. It’s a fun course of study, and although I’m doing it because I’m a mom and raising a child, it’s something that all of us can do to benefit ourselves.

My family is already gluten free, and mostly dairy free, and moving more towards a plant based diet. It’s hard to eliminate mean 100% of the time now, but we’re cooking more and more fish, and eating more beans and alternative meat products.

It’s exciting, and hopefully as we age, there will be some other rewards, like healthy living, and of course.. looking much younger than I really am!