Re-launching a life!


I’ve been absent for a few months but I’m back! 


I have been transforming.. in nearly EVERY area of my life. As my good friend Giovanni Livera says in his speeches, that we have to RESET our life and goals and expectations occasionally.  That is what I’ve been doing.


I’ve also been READING and STUDYING about health. We’ve adapted the GLUTEN FREE lifestyle as a family and have been studying about nutrition, cooking vegetarian and organic and learning about COOKING and FOOD.


I’m also training for a MARATHON – which is scheduled in January 2010- the Disney Marathon. I’m running with Track Shack in Orlando, and enjoying it a lot. I’m up to 7 miles so far, which is what I did today.


I’ve been landscaping my yard, decorating my home and deciding what to do with my next step professionally. Since I’m a coach and trainer, I’m adding some products to my arsenal and will continue to go down the path of WELLNESS in my career. Coaching is great, but to have products and other associates who can serve my clients… that’s an added bonus. 

Sway, my husband, redid my website as you can see, and I have been working on that and learning how to use it. I’ve written several articles but didn’t post them.. yet.  🙂


I hope to be launching my book soon.. and will share about that later. In the meantime, I hope you’ll come back and read my blogs and updates.. and let me know what’s on your mind!  My clients are re-launching too..and I’m excited to be back in the seat with them as well.


More to come! Mary