Are you an accountant, a doctoran attorney, or an entrepreneur who never took a sales class? And you finally realized that you’re actually in the business of sales? If you don’t have someone out selling your services, then the job is up to you!!!

It’s time to bring in Mary to jump start your business!

Hiring Mary Gardner as a coach will help you develop your clients into RAVING FANS!!! (Mary spent years learning the sales industry as a sales professional in addition to being a natural born sales person. When she was a kid, she outsold every kid with every school and swim team assignment from calendars to candy, she won every contest. As a professional lecture agent, she was constantly winning contests and being awarded contracts from her clients. She had an 89% return rate of clients which is incredibly high.)

Mary will help guide you through client meetings, conversations, and teach you tactics that will bring value to your clients. She will brainstorm with you about your office, your marketing, your PR, your attire or your products so you can become and innovator in your field. Her strategies are unique and her system is fun.

Your return on investment (ROI) will happen quickly when you hire Mary to help you develop your clients into RAVING FANS! And you’ll have fun while doing it!

Contact Mary at 407-644-4046 or email her at for rates and availability.