10 week motivation program

Hi All!

I’m excited you’re interested in my BRAND NEW 10 week coaching program to enhance your Public and Professional speaking career! We are working hard behind the scenes to bring you our membership site.  Until then, my team will be working hard to assist you to enroll in the 10 week coaching course: MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKING FOR THE INSPIRED ATHLETE!

Please email me to get registered and we will send you a PAYPAL invoice. Or, go ahead and hit the BUY NOW buttons and get registered.  We will need your email and phone number (although we won’t contact you unless there is an issue with PayPal).

The program is starting JANUARY 27, at 1PM and we will email you the conference call details.  In addition, I will send the course information to get started on the first week!!!

On the first call will be a celebrity speech coach who has coached many celebrities in the media today! In addition, our line up includes the Motivational great LES BROWN, Orlando Magic Founder /former coach, Pat Williams, and NFL Great LEONARD MARSHALL! In addition, we have a line up of speaker bureaus, meeting planners, and professional speakers who will share their top tips with you.

Please let us know how we can serve you! Email: mary@075.db9.myftpupload.com or Donna@075.db9.myftpupload.com or Angie@075.db9.myftpupload.com for assistance!!!