I can’t wait!

I’ve been in the midst of studying about the new auditory program that my son is about ready to start and truly, I do believe it is the way to integrate the brain. The program is a home based one and calls for a few month commitment, for 3-4 x a week for up to an hour a day. It’s a headset, and classical music, which they’ve proven to stimulate the brain more than any other type of music.

The more I read, the more excited I become about the possibility of my son being able to focus better, be more attentive, transition better, and be all around more calm.

I know I will use it too.. for the same reasons!!!

I’m steps away from finishing the program, and then I have to take a test, to complete the home bound training. Then I will be sent the IPOD and the ILS system and begin the training at home.

The waiting is the painful part.. But the anticipation is building..

Stay tuned….