Yesterday I was running errands and needed to take my car for a wash.  It had the famous Florida Love bugs all squashed all over it from my husband taking the car over the weekend on a trip to see his family.

I  got to the car wash and had 3 one dollar bills tucked away. I scrounged around for another 4 quarters because it costs $4 for me to wash my SUV.  I found the three, then looked and looked and looked for that last blasted quarter. I searched the car, the seats, and the bowels of my purse, to no avail.  I figured, that the good Lord always knows what he’s doing, so I guessed I was going to have to ask someone, and I knew, that because I prayed to find one last quarter and didn’t, that this was supposed to happen that morning.

So, I wandered to the next car over to a man who was starting the process of getting his money out to wash his own car. I said, “Hi, I was wondering, well, I have 3 quarters, and I have two Nickels and a dime, I mean, two dimes, and a Nickel, and I need, ….”   His response was so calm and so focused and so perfect, … he said to me, “Talk to me.”

I looked up at him, now, not flustered whatsoever and I said clearly, “can I exchange what I have for your quarter?”  He did it without even saying another word and I thanked him and walked away.

I was able to clean my car but those simple words just stuck with me.  TALK TO ME.  TALK TO ME.

How I long to talk with someone. Really talk with someone.  I would tell him about the many perils of life right now that I’m challenging or that someone in my life is  facing.  I would dump it all and then wait for the next perfect words in the world, “it’s all going to be okay.”

When I pulled away, I stopped and rolled my window down and told the man, “Your words were brilliant. You just said something that I’m going to share with everyone… you said some very profound and important words, “talk to me.”

He laughed and came over to the car and told me that women can rarely get to the point quickly and he’s found, that if he just cuts to the chase in a calm way, it wakes them up and gets them to just say what they mean.  We both had a good laugh over this, because I have taught that same communication technique to SO many women over the years, but when I’m in my own flustered state, I revert back to communicating like God probably intended.. so we’d drive the men bonkers!

We ended up talking some more and sharing about our lives and I learned about his martial arts which fascinate me and I might try at some point.

But those three very simple and profound words, that he uttered to me in just a quick minute.. will stay with me for ever, and they will be the gift that I give to others, when I know they need it.

Talk to me.

And I will listen…

Talk to me… and I will care.

Talk to me.. and I will let you know, that you will be fine, because God is really there.