woman on stageI can’t even tell you how proud I feel. I feel like a proud mama, a peacock who is spreading their wings or a coach who just saw their athlete win a gold medal.

I’m over the moon, giddy and happy and have an internal joy that is just RUNNING OVER!!!

Why? Because one of my INTROVERTS has TRANSFORMED.

She has LEARNED how TO CHARM an audience and how to HOLD THEM IN THE PALM OF HER HANDS!

Literally, this woman went from Stiff to SENSATIONAL!!!.

She was elegant. Charming. Funny and Delightful!

How we did it was I gave her a VISION of WHO she is SUPPOSED to be as her BEST self. I can see it. I always can. I can always tell if a person isn’t working at their full potential.

I will call speakers (including myself) if their material is old. 
I will call them on the carpet for “winging it” as so many of us have done in the past.  If their stories don’t tug at the heart strings…

I will challenge them if they’re looking or acting sloppy.. if they’re hunching over, or if they’re acting shy. I will call it IMMEDIATELY. I do it nice.. but I will show them what they look like now to the world and how to change it. I will position their body, give them content or push them to greater heights.

I pull dynamic personal stories out of them. I will push them until they are BEAMING while sharing something they love. And I will let them know if their clothes are working, if their jewelry is right and if they need to get more manicured, better nails, in better shape.. whatever it is, I will call it.

Yes, I’m just as hard on myself. I’m a performer too and I know that having fat on my body, or hair that isn’t colored right, or anything that DISTRACTS the audience from my message, then I have to cut it out. I am NOT saying everyone has to be thin. How boring would THAT be? But for ME, if I am not in shape, it cuts my confidence down and I’m not at full strength. I’m an athlete and I need to LOOK like an athlete if I talk about it.  So get ‘er done Mary.

So I am doing it too.. to prepare for the stage.

So back to my client.

She was COACHABLE and ready to do it. She was ready not to be shy and intimidated any more. She was eager to listen to my coaching.

I didn’t really have to get tough.. I saw who she was and she was close.. just a few tweaks which she made.  I also helped her engage the audience, and charm them.

Spectacular. She took my ideas and she ran with them. She embellished them and she infused them with her own dynamic personality that was hidden under her humble attitude.

These introverts don’t love attention. But when they start GETTING such positive attention, they then UNDERSTAND that this new persona is for the BENEFIT of OTHERS and then it makes sense and they intellectually know it’s important.

So the BEST thing that happened was that she called me after she did her speech this week. She called me near tears. She said to me:  “I want you to UNDERSTAND this Mary. Do you UNDERSTAND what you have DONE FOR ME? DO you GET IT? You have CHANGED My LIFE. You have given me something that I have needed and wanted for years! I don’t even know how to thank you enough!”

Then she told me that someone was talking about her and could not BELIEVE that it was HER on stage. She literally was NOT the same person. They came up and asked her, “WHAT HAPPENED?”

She just grinned and said, “ahhh, thank you. I just love my job and the people I serve and I’m very passionate about what I do.”.

I’m just so honored to be behind the people who INSPIRE many of us. The ones who are OUT FRONT, in the BATTLE.. LEADING THE TROOPS.

I get to meet the most AMAZING people, who have worked hard for many years, to become great at what they do. I just love being the one to put the icing on the cake, to help them to open up to their own natural charisma, to have the confidence to lead from the stage, and to engage people through the words that they say.

Personality, Passion, Purpose and GREAT CONTENT.

It’s an awesome formula.

Let me send you to a program I wrote: www.introverttoinfluencer.com .   It’s an 8 CD audio workshop program that I put together to help you and any other introvert who wants to OWN their communication with others.

The fee is $267 + shipping. Email me at mary@075.db9.myftpupload.com if you need help. We’ll get you covered.

I’m on a high today with my purpose of helping people REACH their highest potential. I have a big job. I’m on a mission. We need to change the world and we need the confidence to do it!

Thank you for reading and have a blessed and the most amazing day!!!