I truly believe that God cares about our business. And the business of our kids and families.

My son is in the choir and their uniform at school is a white shirt , a cummerbund and black pants. Somehow, some way, someone took his pants and cummerbund and probably thought they were theirs. Nevertheless, he could not perform without the right attire.

Since we were minutes away from the Salvation Army store, I headed there. On the way, I told my son about a story of when he was 7 years old and would only wear CROCKS. Somehow they felt comfortable on his feet and wouldn’t wear anything else. We were on the way to the beach and his favorite pair broke. We had no time to go shopping so I stopped at a thrift store and walked in. With all the confidence in the world, (after I muttered a prayer to God under my breath) I went up to the sales lady and I said: “I’m looking for THE BOYS’ CROCKS”.   She looked up from where she was stocking shoes and held up a pair of light blue crocks, and replied, “Do you mean these ones”?

“Those are the ONES!” And I immediately took them and went and paid. The whole scenario took about 2 minutes!

The shoes were PERFECT. They were clean. They were the EXACT size I needed. And they were LIGHT blue instead of DARK BLUE.. just for a change of pace.

I was back in the car in about 4 minutes flat! God answered that prayer and allowed me to go on peacefully with my son, who barely noticed the change of color in his shoes!

So, this time, on the way, I told Jeremy about the CROCK story and that God would NOW deliver a cummerbund. I told him CONFIDENTLY that the Lord cares about the little things, and that he would NEVER disappoint us. Then I prayed out loud.. that the Lord would bring that cummerbund to us so Jeremy could perform in this show.

Then, I walked in.

I went to the counter at the Salvation Army and said: “I’m looking for a men’s black cummerbund”.

The guy replied, “oh, wow. I don’t know if we have any. If we do, they’re probably with the men’s ties”.

So off I went.. to the Men’s ties section.

The circular stand had 100 ties.. but NO cummerbund. And none in the belt section.

So I headed to the women’s belts and scarves. Nothing there either.

Then I said, quite openly and with expectation to God. “Lord? You know I need a cummerbund. You know that Jeremy needs a cummerbund. I believe you have one here for me and I’m going to find it. And Lord? You KNOW that I will give you the glory when you provide this for me.. right now!”

So now, I was on the hunt. I knew that there HAD to be one somewhere.

On top of every rack of clothes there are bins that hosted hats. So I started looking in the hats. One bin after another, but no cummerbund.

Finally, I got to the very last bin in the store. I looked at it and saw something BLACK in the middle of a bunch of hats. I dipped my hand in and I pulled out, YOU GUESSED IT.. the EXACT CUMMERBUND that I needed. It truly looked like me pulling a scarf out of a hat in a magic trick.

My eyes got big and my heart filled with joy! I ran up to the front desk in wild joy practically jumping up and down and waving the cummerbund to the sales guys behind the desk! “Look what I found! Look what I found”.

They said, “Wow! We rarely have those!”

I paid my $1.99 for the cummerbund and marched proudly back to the car where I found my 15 year old immersed in a game on his phone. I tossed the bag on his lap and stated, “DON”T EVER DOUBT the LORD AGAIN JEREMY.” Here is your cummerbund!

He barely looked up. He may have grunted. He didn’t seem to care.

But I knew. I knew that God answered my prayer. He did it because he knew I needed something to hold onto at that moment, to give me peace, to give me hope and to give me comfort.

My question is, if he cares so much to help us with the little things, will he not care about the big things? Will he randomly select things to help us with or do we need to be very VOCAL and do whatever we can to help those miracles happen? I searched and searched until I found. I contributed to the miracle by showing up and doing the work. But he is the one who provided.

What miracle do YOU need right now?

Get busy asking, praying and believing. Then get to work trying to move towards it. And at some point, you’ll be thanking God like I am, for the miracle that you have received!