Branding You – What makes you different?

You’re every bit as much as a brand as Nike, Trump, Coke, Pepsi or McDonalds.  To start thinking like your own favoring brand manager, ask yourself the same question that the most famous brand managers ask themselves:

What is it that my product or service does that makes it different?  

This workshop will assess where you are as a company, where each of the individuals are, and how your brand can be enhanced, enriched, strengthened. 

This workshop can be given to individuals in the financial arena, attorney offices, or for companies who employs  individuals  who have to sell their own services. 

Mary Gardner has coached and trained thousands of people just like you to create strong relationships through business by becoming great communicators.  Mary’s workshops and seminars are interactive, fun and full of techniques and tips that will be sure to transform the businesses of each individual.