Where is your blog I’ve been asked!!! It’s ON FACE BOOK… where I comment several times a day if I’m in the office … to and do much of my communication there and on TWITTER.

 I just read a stat that 80% of HR directors are now using Social Networking – LINKED IN, to hire their recruits.

 WOW… things sure have changed!

 I can see, through my own usage, that I’m getting opportunities right and left on FACEBOOK and meeting lots of national players on TWITTER. It seems that TWITTER is a marketing tool and FACEBOOK is more social, and yet, there is personal business done on FB.

 So, I’ll be better about updating the blog. My column is back in the Orlando Business Journal so I AM writing… and check out my  NEW PODCAST: marygardner.mypodcast.com. Most of these are directed at parents who are raising children on the AUTISM spectrum or who have ADHD, but they’re all about HEALTH and WELLNESS, so any of them are fine for ANY of us!

 Thanks for being back in touch!!!