123Did you ever have a brilliant moment, an idea that hit, and you just knew that this was the CHA CHA CHING idea that will send you over the top?

When it happens, it’s absolute MAGIC! And synergy usually happens with two creative people who are committed to the same PURPOSE!

Here’s how it happened for my client this week:

My client and I spent a good amount of time before the MONEY idea arrived.  We worked on a speech together and had worked on his presentation skills and public performance.  The next morning we were having breakfast together talking about his Personal Brand and developing a Public Relations campaign that would take him forward.  When the idea hit, we BOTH knew that it was THE ONE!!!  We practically did the “happy dance” right there in the restaurant!

My client is an entrepreneur whose goal is to touch people’s lives all over the globe.  We had done some early brainstorming and then returned to it that morning.   When this IDEA appeared…we started tossing it around.

Being able to capture the attention of people is a challenge, let alone CAPTIVATE them!  So although a person may have a gripping story that might evoke emotion out of their audience for the few moments the message is being presented, to follow up with a CALL to ACTION will keep the person engaged!

  1. The Call to Action will be at the end of his speeches, like an alter call at a religious revival!! If he presents it as passionately as he can, then it is guaranteed to spark something in people so they will feel compelled to join in on his cause!


  1. Next, we NAMED the Call to Action. This TAG LINE is short and simple and has ACTION words or a QUESTION that meets the audience at an emotional place. We brainstormed actual WORDS that would MOTIVATE people to recognize this as something IMPORTANT!   It was an original group of words  that would be memorable and would ignite people’s fire inside!

This logo or Tag line will be used over and over that will reinforce the suggestion to the audiences that they need to jump out of their seats and take action if they want to be a part of something greater. It needs to be something that will drive people to his website and will make them feel awesome about doing!!! By doing this Call to Action, you are guaranteeing that their lives will absolutely CHANGE for the better if they do it!

A good Call to Action “Tagline” will drive people to a website, donate money, volunteer their time, or give of their resources somehow.

  1. Regardless of WHAT you as them to do, you’ve got them on your mailing list!

Your goal now is to build the mailing list as you start communicating with them.  When people start responding and ENGAGING, you’ve STARTED a MOVEMENT!  You can continue to inspire them to stay close to your cause, share it with their friends, and help you grow by spreading the word!

Movements can HELP! Movements can HEAL!  And movements can create HEROS!

Is this your time to shine? Are you ready to step up the plate to be the HERO in someone else’s life? Are you ready to live your purpose in the world?

When you’re ready, I’d invite you to share your heart filled dreams with someone.  It might be so outlandish that you don’t see a way for it to happen.  If that’s the case, then share your ideas with me!  I’m a firm believer that these crazy dreams are put there for a reason. And when the time is right, then you will proclaim it from the MOUNTAINTOP for ALL to HEAR!!!


Then Create a Call To Action and a Tagline people will remember.

Then watch hearts catch on fire with people who become COMPELLED to participate!

You have now created a MOVEMENT!

Is it your time…. To change the world?