This morning I opened my curtains to reveal an enormous American Flag flying right outside my window. I’m above a major Dallas highway so the commuters get to see the flag every day. It immediately gave me a since of gratefulness and pride for living in a free country, and I thought of my niece’s boyfriend who will soon leave to go overseas with the military. So many people have given their lives so that our citizens can remain free. I wonder how often we actually realize how blessed we are?

I’m dressed in bright pink today. I have pink pants and a pink/brown cute blazer. I’d get attention anywhere in what I’m wearing today, but pink IS the in color! I met a triathlete at breakfast who was ordering a mushroom and tomato omelet with no cheese! I looked at a nice trim individual and was reminded that I’m trying to drop a few pounds on the road this time. I think I’m doing it already because I’ve only been eating 2 meals a day.

Now I’m on the plane going to Indianapolis and have had a full day already. I went to the station and met the most darling News producer, Karla. Karla is a body builder, age 40. But you’d never guess her a day over 30. I soaked up all of her knowledge about diet, exercise and nutrition for serious body builders and I had her write down several of the products she eats and uses.

Hanging in the green room was the highlight of the whole day. I was hanging with Joe Thiesman and Stephen .. the actor. Stephen was the actor in Groundhog Day with Bill Murray who played the insurance sales man. He’s in Miami CSI and is a regular character actor in TV and Films and was really a great guy. I spoke with both of them at length. I talked to Joe about his speaking career. I know his agents and most of the agents who book him and was even able to explain an insider look at the business from an agent’s point of view.

I can see how celebrities learn to take the center stage wherever they are. People tend to agree with whatever they say and add to their conversation and talk about the celebrity. So, the celebrity gets used to the attention in every situation. The publicists’ job is to make their client comfortable and so they are well taken care of. It really is mind boggling to see the difference in the treatment a celebrity receives versus a regular person. Money, good looks and power can make a person’s life a lot more comfortable for sure.

Both of the celebrities segments were before mine so I took pictures with them before they both left. Everyone was telling Joe how much they respected him so I said, “Well, I just think you are handsome”. That seemed to be the perfect thing to say and he smiled big for the camera! Both men were genuinely nice and interesting people.

The segment went fine, but I was caught off guard when the director wanted to start taping from the end to beginning. It mentally threw me off a bit and I was struggling internally a bit with the order of my gift ideas. The anchor was a mom of three young children under 5 so she really got in to the items. I was grateful for her interest in my segment.

As I packed up, Karla and I spent some good time talking and I promised to email her with my workout updates. I’d love to have a work out partner like her near home. She’s serious about it but not stuffy. After all, it was a few short years ago she was about 30lbs overweight. Now, she is a model and winning first place in body building competitions! Way to go Karla!

I had a few minutes to swim a few laps before the cab driver came and got me at the hotel. It relieved my stress from the segment and felt great to be in the water. I’ve decided to work out at night so I make sure I get the work out in. It seems to be the only time that I have free for a little bit. I’m tired when I get to the hotel, but I’m just going to have to suck it up and do it anyway!

Update: I ended up swimming a bit and then got on the plane to Indianapolis. I forgot my laptop on the plane and luckily the airline called me and alerted me so I was able to get it back. That was a relief!

I stayed at the University Place Hotel in Indianapolis and the big Olympic swimming pool was across the street so I had a terrific workout last night. I met a Psych Counselor, Owen, who shared my lane and saw a swimmer I’ll never forget; a man with MS who totally outswam me! I think I’ll blog about him later!

I then got home and cuddled up with all of the pillows surrounding my body. It makes me feel like my husband is nearby! It’s a cozy feeling and great when you are on the road away from family.

Now that I’m on the plane to Phoenix I’ll start with the next 2 days of travel. I promise, it’s been incredible! Bye for now!