Waking up in California has a different effect over a person than say waking up in Indianapolis. Maybe it’s just the anticipation of being in California, like something wonderful and exciting is about to happen.

I woke up to a somewhat hazy California. I had gotten into Sacramento really late so didn’t know what my hotel looked like. When I ventured out the next morning before my show, I realized I was in a Spanish style resort. It was one floor and the hotel rooms wrapped around a pool.

I realized that I still had too many clothes so I ran to the guest services stand and found two hysterical guys who were the bell hops. Josh and Jack have been friends since high school and were like Frick and Frack. They were a joke a second and even though I was groggy from the late night travel I found myself laughing hysterically at these guys.

I packed up some clothes, boxed them, ordered room service, got ready and the guys drove me to the station which was shot from a live remote at the Arden Mall. It was a beautiful mall with anchor stores like Nordstroms. I met the producer, Tyler, who informed me that after I set up, I was free to roam around for the next hour shopping. I felt freedom from lugging the huge bags around and had a great hour browsing around.

I told Tyler about the two bellhops and recommended that she book them for some sort of segment at the station. She was open to the idea and gave me a couple of her cards so they could contact her.

The news hour started at noon and I watched along with tons of patrons of the mall. There were so many mommies and their babies and young families strolling through the mall. I chatted with several curious onlookers who were attracted to all of the baby gifts that I had set up on the display table.

The camera guy, Mike, originally from the Midwest was probably the most stylin’ camera man I’ve ever seen. I grilled him about where he shopped for his jeans and shoes so I could shop there for Sway. He said that he liked Nordstroms. I love that store too!

The segment was well done and they gave me a bit of extra time to explain my gift selection. I felt like I had a lot of support from Patty, the anchor. She lived and worked in Florida for a long time and is also an athlete so we had plenty to talk about within the 2-3 minutes before the segment.

Afterwards, I packed up and hung out for a bit with the floor producer, Rubin, Walt, the other lead anchor and Tyler, the producer. It was a fun place to do a segment and they all seem to love their jobs.

After I was done, Jack and Josh picked me up in the van and we headed back to the hotel. We said our goodbyes and I gave them the nudge to stay in touch with the producer and that they could have some fun pursuing a reality TV show together. Casting agents are always looking for big, fun personalities.

I got to the airport and was completely exhausted. My tour was complete and my body was ready to crash. I boarded the plane and told the flight attendant that I was buckled up and going to sleep. I faded in and out of consciousness and got an extra hour of zzzzz’s because we were having mechanical difficulties and so I was grateful for the extra time. I had snatched up 3 pillows and a blanket and was quite content while most of the other passengers were frustrated with the delay.

I’ve heard that some people have a complete let down at the end of a tour. There is a world wind of activity, people, parties, hotels and complete attention on you, the talent. I have to say, that I am looking forward to going home. I want to be with my husband and child in my own home. I want to wake up and have breakfast together, clear the dishes and feed the dog. I want to turn on the news and see what the political pundits are discussing and to call my girlfriends and talk about their kids. I want to go to Jeremy’s preschool and see the work he is doing and talk to the other mom’s about who ‘popped’ who on the playground.

I want to get in my garden and pull up weeds, water the plants and compare my budding interest in growing flowers with the neighbors’. I want to get back to swim practice and have sore muscles from working hard. I want to be harassed by my swimming buddies for missing the set. I want to go home.

I’m now in L.A. with my HOLLYWOOOD cuz, Pedro. We’re working on a film project together and I’m learning the ins and outs of the entertainment business. It’s a different world of who knows who and whose doing what. I don’t know the names, but I know the game.

I have the feeling that I’ll be back. I love the creativity and the excitement. And whatever I can do from Charlotte, NC, I’ll be doing. And I’ll be learning.

Tomorrow I leave and tomorrow night I get home. I’m back to sweats and baseball caps, packing lunches and washing laundry.

I never thought I’d look forward to doing those. But it’s funny that it’s the simple things that ground us, and keep us safe and secure. It’s those things represent home, family and deep connection, and that is where I want to be.

The End.


Dear Mary,
Happy to hear your trip was a successful one. Keep in touch sweetheart.
Maureen (L.A)

I’m glad the tour went well. and hope to talk w/ u soon. (Steve – L.A, NYC)

Welcome back, sounds like you had a great experience. I’d love to catch up and hear all about it. Give me a call when you get caught up and we can meet for a drink. (RZ Charlotte)