I think they should do a reality show of me on the road! I think I meet the most INTERSTING people alive! And it’s so much fun. I think that if people learned how to travel and meet friends anywhere, they’d have so much more fun traveling.

I started my day off before I wanted to. I woke up at about 7:30 but had my alarm set for 8:30. So, for the first few hours, I repacked, ordered room service and had a very healthy oatmeal and berries breakfast, ironed and then decided to ship a bunch of clothes home. I keep getting charged $25 for every trip because my luggage is over the weight limit. I met a really nice guy, Jason, in the conference center who apparently found about 15 different size boxes that I got to chose from. Everyone at that conference center was really nice. I find most people in the hospitality industry across the country extremely helpful and friendly. Finally, I settled on a size, ran back to my room and put a bunch of clothes in it. As it turned out, it was only 9lbs and I really needed to get rid of 13 lbs so I’m still over in the weight.

I did the segment at the station WISH which was really great. Brooke, the producer, who looks like an anchor, was my host. She was very bubbly and friendly and was running all over the place helping me get my bags and whatever I needed. I did the segment with Deanna, a gorgeous African American woman who has a 3 year old boy. She has one of the most unique stories I’ve heard in a long time! She is a 2x cancer survivor and speaks to college students about the importance of getting testing. She had the most stunning eyes I have seen, deep dark, and really round. She’s mesmerizing and I just know she’s got to be a passionate activist and speaker. We traded cards, took pictures and promised to stay in touch.

Even the trip OUT of the TV station was an adventure. Trying to maneuver my way around the station with 4 large bags and having to avoid the cables that ran everywhere was a challenge. By the time I got out the door, I had 3-4 staff people helping me. They were all so nice to see that I got to my cab safely!

When I got to the airport and checked in, Southwest Airlines wouldn’t budge and charge the $25 if you are over even 1 lb. At least the guy who checked me in said that. He was from Nashville, helping the people in Indy as they were short staffed. So, perhaps as a manager he couldn’t break the rules even a little bit. I asked him to bump me to first class and he said all of the seats were first class. When I opened my ticket, I found that it was open seating.

It was passed lunch time so I went to TGI Fridays for a salad. I happened to be sitting next to two men who I kept joking with back and forth until I finally took them up on their offer to join their table. By then we were laughing so much that it just made sense so we wouldn’t disturb the rest of the patrons.

I found out that these two gentlemen, Bill and Steve, are in the Funeral Business. Steve is Bill’s client and Bill sells him vaults to offer his clients. We had a very interesting talk about the importance of preplanning your own funeral so no one has to suffer after death and try to come up with the perfect funeral. It all made sense to me and I think I’m going to preplan a big party for when I leave this earth. I never want people to forget me!

The flight to Phoenix was my favorite so far. I met the coolest flight attendants and ended up hugging them all when I left. It was one of those divinely inspired meetings I believe. It was Jeff the comedian with 6 kids, Jim, the former alter boy, actor/adventurer who was really fun, and Kelly, the singer who grew up a preacher’s kid.

I was hanging with them a bit in back and just chatting and we got onto the fact that I’m involved with producing a movie. It just so happens that we’ll probably be shooting outside of Chicago next year and all three of these folks live near there. Jeff, who has 6 kids, has a very talented bunch that all act and sing. Jim, majored in theater and wants to get back into acting again, and Kelly, is a sinter. Since our film will be a musical, I promised to do whatever I could to cast them all at least as extras. They’d all be fun to have on the set. I know this because we had a great time on the plane. I took pictures with them when I left. It was just wild.

When I got to the hotel, I called my friend Julia and I must have just missed her. We decided to meet instead in the morning and I invited her and her 12 year old daughter, Madison to the TV station with me.

I’ll pick up on the next blog to talk about the Phoenix TV station and meeting the blue men, and of course.. my trip to Baltimore! Until then! Mary