The Phoenix hot sun was alive and well this morning when I met my friend Julia and her daughter, Madison. We had a quick breakfast at the hotel and then went to the station. Julia is a thin and beautiful blonde who gets great service and attention wherever she goes, so she’s fun to have along. Madison, her very talented daughter became my assistant and helped me set up my gifts on the table. She had some really great decorator ideas which I used.

The segment went well, and Arturo, the pro boxer was my tech guy. We had fun chatting with him. He was cut from that show, The Last Contender. I remember him from my tour in December and that he is very helpful.

We met and took pictures with The Blue Men, who performed live in the studio. We met their make up artist who told us what was involved with putting on the heavy blue masks. It looks VERY hot! Then they performed and it’s bizarre because paint comes pouring out their outfits onto the drums that they are beating. They are all playing music with their drums and are acting with each other, very synchronized. It’s fascinating to watch. When the different color paint comes pouring out of their shirts onto the drums, different color lights are illuminating over their heads. The paint is spraying everywhere and flyng up their nose, over their clothes, all over their heads and each other. They become covered with paint that is rolling down their blue heads. You don’t want to move your head or blink even once for fear that you’ll miss something. It’s completely different than any art form I’ve ever seen. And, I really enjoyed it.

After we watched the show, I was packed up and ready to leave. Julia and Madison drove me to the airport and we parted ways. Momentarily, I received a text message with a note thanking me. I quickly wrote back and said I’ll see them this summer!

Back on the plane, I sat next to a delightful man Scott. Scott had a really great personality, the type that always seems to be happy. He didn’t mutter one complaint at the fact that he was squashed in the middle seat between 2 women who were both watching the movie and politely tried to read while%2