Today I was able to be a bit lazy. I got up and had breakfast in the room and then called my friend Howard and spoke with him for about an hour. We both agreed we’d like to put together a reunion of all of our high school friends and have it in Denver in 2 years. We didn’t get to see each other because he had a big client he was working with today but it was fantastic catching up.

I had a few unusual things happen to me today. The first was that I went to get wireless connection and have lunch at Starbucks in downtown Denver. I couldn’t get plugged in for some reason and so instead struck up a conversation with a 22 year old employee, Anna. She had a nice personality and confided in me that she didn’t know what she wanted to do with her life. Her boyfriend is in NYC and sings Opera. But her? She didn’t know. I suggested something in the entertainment field- sales or marketing. She liked the idea but didn’t know where to start. I said, “go get the phone book and I’ll show you.”

We went to the word ENTERTAINMENT in the yellow pages. She recognized an improv group that was big in Denver. So, I called them. I explained who I was and what I was doing in town and that I had met this young woman Anna who wanted to find an internship in the entertainment field. The guy Vic, the manager, was open to seeing her resume and perhaps offering her an unpaid internship.

She was floored! She couldn’t believe that I could call one person and get her an interview with one phone call. I told her that no matter how much schooling she has, that she’s always going to have to make her own way. She’ll always have to be the one to think of who to call next, what to do next and that once she gets in the door, she should work her tail off to prove that she’s capable of anything. I told her that she should read motivational books and tapes and really spend time developing her skills. I said that if she is ambitious, she can do anything she wants in the world!

Within 10 minutes, I was out the door and ready to go shopping.

When I got out the door, I looked across the street to see what stores were there. On 16th Street in down town Denver, there are many stores on both sides of the street and then there are vendors in the middle median. All of a sudden, I tripped off the sidewalk. I didn’t realize that it became a road because it all seemed to blend in so well. Simultaneously, my arm was brushed by a BUS DRIVING BY. I caught myself in the nick of time and missed being hit by a bus by less than a second. I was actually skimmed by it. I looked up and the bus driver was RIGHT next to me shaking his head. Besides coffee being tossed in my hair, I was unscathed. A man walking towards me shouted, “OH MY GOSH, YOU WERE ALMOST KILLED”. I stopped and asked him what happened, and he told me that someone must have been watching over me because I should have been hit. I stayed and spoke with him for about 10 minutes as I realized that I could have ended up in the hospital right then. I remembered that the angels were watching over me and knew that one of them was working OVERTIME!

Within the hour, I was pretty shaken up. I ducked into Ross’ to shop for a bit but the more I thought about it, the more I realized how blessed I was that I was okay.

I headed back to the hotel and negotiated a longer stay so I could come back to the hotel after I did the show at 4PM. I got dressed and headed to the station.

The people in Denver were exceptionally nice and I even met my friend Tony’s best friend Kirk who is the entertainment reporter. We chatted for a bit and then I set up. I did the segment with Kim, who I remembered from my last trip.

When we were on the air together in December, she picked up some of my gift items and half of the table started falling apart! With less than 30 seconds to go, I threw things off the table, picked up other things, rearranged them and BOOM.. we were ON THE AIR! We both had a laugh about that again today.

The Denver NBC Station had so many guests watching the show live. The station is just full of electricity. The people are all really sharp and nice. I really like the people there a lot. I like Denver too… and think I could be happy living here at some point!

After the segment, I went back to the hotel, packed, got dressed and worked out. Then I showered and ran out the door to check out. My cab was waiting, thankfully, since now it was pouring down rain. The trip to the airport was a quiet one and now I’ve been sitting in the airport for the past hour getting ready to leave.

I can’t believe I only have ONE more TV appearance and then I head to L.A. for a day and a half. Then, I get to GO HOME!

I’m a bit tired tonight. I don’t feel like talking with anyone but I know how that can change. Tonight will be a late night and then I’m on during the noon hour.

Okay. Time to board. I’ll check in later!