Do you SIZZLE??

So I have a question! Do you remember meeting any strangers recently who caught your attention? Perhaps you were out at a social or business event and met someone who was absolutely electric? They were so engaging you just felt drawn to their warmth?


What is it about those people who absolutely SIZZLE? Is it their fabulous looks? Is it their clothing? Is it the way they speak with confidence or their interest in you?


Sometimes it’s a combination of many things and they might have that special IT FACTOR that we all know draws people in magically!

Two places where your first impression is wildly evident is in your ELEVATOR or SIZZLE speech and when you give a toast in front of a group of people. Imagine having a confident script NAILED that flows beautifully, makes everyone feel special, happy and curious… ?


Is it achievable for the average person?


Absolutely it is! Charisma is energy and there are DEFINITELY ways to get the ENERGY and FOCUS up in a person… if they’re willing to learn!   One of my clients was new in her southern town and wanted to come out with a bang!   She hired me to help her craft a toast for her friends’ 40th birthday!  The night she stood confidently in front of the 150 people and gave a killer speech, looking beautiful and warm, witty and engaging, she told me, “changed her life!”   She was welcomed in with open arms after that and quickly met new people who became her friends!

Another recent client was in a new position as VP of Sales of a big company. He hired me to help him with his introduction speech that was just saying HI to the new team. He hit it out of the park that day, and his first impression wowed everyone. Even those who were apprehensive of having a new boss had to agree that my client was likable and were open to giving him a chance!

I remember one time I went to a party of a high school friend who was celebrating an anniversary with his partner.  I spent about 2 hours before the big party that night practicing a toast while everyone else lounged by the pool.  That night, when I all of appeared out of no where and delivered an unbelievably funny toast that respected and honored my friend, I had people literally screaming with delight! That night, I danced the night away with a bunch of new friends who thought I was simply FABULOUS!


Preparing by writing and scripting your mini speeches and then practicing BEFORE you go out in public is key.   Stats show that 89% of your first impression is CORRECT, so if you’re giving an EXCELLENT first impression, people are more than likely to trust you, want to get to know you, and work with you!


Give us a call if you need some help! We have coaches waiting to work with you on YOUR upcoming toast or to help you write/recraft a SIZZLE speech!! Give us a call at 407-504-0451 to see how we can help you on your road to SIZZLING!