What a joy it is to be walking through a park or open field these days. The trees! The blue sky! The scenery! THE POOP? Oh yah! You know what I mean!

While urban sprawl continues to expand, the actual space we have to roam freely in the woods gets smaller and smaller. Many of us still love to enjoy the outdoors and feel a certain kinship with the outdoors. We love to bring along our dogs for a romp in the park or a game of Frisbee. And then it happens! We step in an unsightly mess of.. DOG POOPY!!

Nothing stops a person in their tracks quicker than that!

I especially love it when my little boy has been in the park and tracks home this wonderful scent right into my living room floor. I can only imagine the bacteria which is being spread across American homes when they drag in the crap with them. Leave it to the mommies of America to clean up their carpets, the crusted and caked shoes, and wherever else the trail leads.
I am ANGRY about the selfish dog owners who don’t “Curb their dog”, as we say in New York! I’m a dog owner, and my dog poops between 2-4 times a day, and we have a plastic bag ready to go at all times! The grocery store provides FREE ones when you buy groceries! There is no excuse!

Yes, it’s disgusting! Yes, it’s warm and mushy and stinky! (I always make sure there are no holes in the bag first of course! If there are leaves around, I also pick those up first to protect me from any leakage!) But…SO WHAT! IT’s YOUR DOG. And if you don’t pick it up, someone else is going to experience your dog’s CRAP and it ain’t going to be pretty then either! Think about it… people have toilets, but dogs only have.. YOU!

My husband and I live in Baldwin Park in Orlando Florida. It’s a beautiful community with million dollar homes, beautiful town homes, a down town area, and unfortunately, a few selfish dog owners. We’ve spotted one young woman with two large dogs including a German Shephard, who lets the dog off the leash to play every day. We’ve approached her a few times about picking up the CRAP after her dog and her excuse is really great… “I only had one bag”. Then my husband said: “but you have TWO DOGS”. We later watched her dog walker who also didn’t pay any attention after the dogs left two enormous piles behind.

We’ve complained to the home owners association and we’ve complained to the rental offices. We are requesting that a fine be enforced for any dog owner who doesn’t clean up after their dog. We also want to have signs put up and plastic bags available so there is no excuse for “only having one bag”.

I suggest to those of us who are angry enough to do something about it to REVOLT! If the traditional way of politely asking people to clean up doesn’t work, or getting the community to add signs and bags doesn’t work, then I suggest we follow the unsuspecting dog owners home and later deliver a package that they WON”T forget!!

After all, it is theirs… and as good citizens we don’t want people to forget packages that they left behind! Once that starts happening, the people who left the packages behind will either complain to management, try to retaliate but will never find out who did it, and ultimately, know that people are watching and start cleaning up after their pets.

So watch out people! A revolt is coming and if you’re one of the few guilty people out there, we’re going to retaliate so you learn to clean up after your pet!

Just be sure and watch your step when you come out your front door!