I’ve noticed lately a lot of people don’t know the unspoken rules of flying in planes. They apparently haven’t taken the latest course on Plane Etiquette that I teach on a regular basis.

I’m just joking. I don’t think there is such a course. But you know me, I’ll coach on it if you feel you need some help. Better yet, just read this article!

But I do see the need. So lets start with people who are waiting to check in to the ticket counter.

First of all, please have your ticket information and your I.D. ready to go. It’s best if you put this in a special place BEFORE you leave your house so you don’t have to search for it. And while you’re at it, weigh your bags if possible before you go. The airlines are strict about their 50lb weight limit so if you must take out a few shoes out of your bag before you leave, do it then. That way, you won’t be holding up other passengers. If you are over about 54lbs, they’ll make you pay a $25 fee. Don’t argue. That’s their job. Just pay the fee and move on.

I have found that if you put your identification, your ticket and your credit card in one location, you won’t have to pull everything out of your bag to find the item that you need. You don’t need to carry all of your Sam’s Cards and other credit cards with you when you travel.

Next, when entering the security gate, try to plan in advance. If you can travel with slip on shoes, all the better. Just beware, you’ll have to practically strip down if you have any metal touching off the security systems. Take off any cheap jewelry and store it until you’ve gotten in. Put your lap top somewhere easily accessible because you have to take it out and put it in a tray on the conveyor belt. You have to take off every jacket or coat. And lastly you have to do all of this FAST.

If you are flying one way to a destination or you’ve booked your flight last minute, you might have been tagged to have an extra SECURITY search. These come up in the computer so they aren’t picking you out in line. As a matter of fact, you can see the S on your ticket on the bottom right hand side so you’ll be able to determine whether or not you’ve been pre-selected. If you’ve been chosen, just follow the orders that you’ve been given and you’ll get out of there quickly and easily. If you make a scene, you’ll be the one to look like an idiot. Everyone who travels a lot gets tapped every so often and they just put up with it. It’s not an assult on your character by any means, so don’t act like it’s a huge bother to you. Also, if your shoes have more than a 1 inch sole, then you’ll be required by law to take off your shoes. Do yourself a favor and don’t wear holey socks and have sweaty feet.

When you get through the security and are waiting for your plane to board, make sure to take a look around at the people on the plane. This is helpful if you forget to notice the baggage claim section.

Getting off the plane is probably the one place where people need to learn the rules. I like to compare it to a wedding. You know how all of the people in front are dismissed first and then row by row, people come out of the pews? People take their turns and wait for the people in front of them to go before they leave the church.

It’s the same way in a plane. Each row from the front needs to go and then slowly all of the people from each sides of the isle leave when it’s their turn. The people who HIGHLY annoy me are people who jump in front of you just because your bags aren’t down from the over head compartment yet. Don’t they know it’s because they are standing in your way? I have found the best solution to this critical problem when people unload on the plane.

Say, “excuse me, I believe it’s my turn.” Or, just stick your foot out in the isle and move right in front of them. Believe me, it works like a charm. You can always smile or nod when you do it, but you are indirectly saying to them “It’s not your turn and you are being pushy!:

I honestly don’t think people give it a second thought. They are just moving with the crowds and not even thinking about anything other than getting to their final destination. But it’s a good way for you to help others to wake up and not run over people in this capacity any longer. The butting in line must stop!

Rules of the air are a bit different than rules of the road. Too bad there isn’t a manual that people need to take tests on before they can fly as passengers on planes. But, a good rule of thumb is to leave plenty of time to get there, be patient, have a sense of humor and enjoy the ride!