Get Fired up without Burning Out- Finding the Balance between Work and Life!

Stress is killing our work force and some of it is preventable. What people don’t know often WILL kill them. In this interactive workshop, the group discusses and gets coached through some of their own lingering stressors. The group is able to discuss things that can impact employee performance and create solutions to some common issues. In this workshop we will assess individual values and priorities that are important in their lives.

In this workshop we will ask questions such as:
· Is my personal life in balance? Do I feel good about my personal life?
· Is my work life in balance? Do I feel good about my work life?
· Am I spending time doing things (work, activities, relationships) most important to me?

Employees who feel cared for are more likely to work harder, later and be more loyal. This workshop is a great team building event and fun interactive experience.